Concerts at Commodore Ballroom

commodore ballroom
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Jan 20 LancoCommodore Ballroom
Jan 25 The TrewsCommodore Ballroom
Jan 26 Infected MushroomCommodore Ballroom
Jan 28 Ólafur ArnaldsCommodore Ballroom
Jan 30 Commodore Ballroom
Jan 31 Trombone ShortyCommodore Ballroom
Feb 1 Alan WalkerCommodore Ballroom
Feb 2 Doug and The SlugsCommodore Ballroom
Feb 8 Hippie SabotageCommodore Ballroom
Feb 9 Bedouin Soundclash CancelledCommodore Ballroom
Feb 9 Wiz KhalifaCommodore Ballroom
Feb 12 Ella MaiCommodore Ballroom
Feb 13 AuroraCommodore Ballroom
Feb 14 The Boots & Babes BallCommodore Ballroom
Feb 15 GryffinCommodore Ballroom
Feb 16 A Bowie Celebration: The David Bowie Alumni TourCommodore Ballroom
Mar 9 Barney BentallCommodore Ballroom
Mar 12 NonameCommodore Ballroom
Mar 15 MatomaCommodore Ballroom
Mar 17 The Cat EmpireCommodore Ballroom
Mar 18 The Cat EmpireCommodore Ballroom
Mar 19 Uncle Acid & the deadbeatsCommodore Ballroom
Mar 28 Quinn XCIICommodore Ballroom
Apr 2 SpiritualizedCommodore Ballroom
Apr 3 Dermot KennedyCommodore Ballroom
Apr 4 Dermot KennedyCommodore Ballroom
Apr 5 FKJCommodore Ballroom
Apr 6 Jon and RoyCommodore Ballroom
Apr 8 A Boogie wit da HoodieCommodore Ballroom
Apr 9 The InterruptersCommodore Ballroom
Apr 11 Steel PantherCommodore Ballroom
Apr 12 Steel PantherCommodore Ballroom
Apr 13 Steel PantherCommodore Ballroom
Apr 17 Maggie RogersCommodore Ballroom
Apr 21 Taking Back SundayCommodore Ballroom
Apr 22 Taking Back SundayCommodore Ballroom
Apr 26 WintersleepCommodore Ballroom
May 3 The Boom BoomsCommodore Ballroom
May 9 The Tea PartyCommodore Ballroom
May 10 The Tea PartyCommodore Ballroom
May 11 Tom OdellCommodore Ballroom
May 20 Jenny LewisCommodore Ballroom
May 21 Elle KingCommodore Ballroom
May 31 Steven PageCommodore Ballroom
Jun 14 Sticky FingersCommodore Ballroom

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