Headstones + The Matchstick Skeletons @ Capital Ballroom – November 21st 2018

Photos of Headstones + The Matchstick Skeletons at the Capital Ballroom – November 21st 2018 © RMS Media by Rob Porter

Atomique Productions presented  The Headstones plus The Matchstick Skeletons live at Capital Ballroom on November 21st 2018

Not your average Wednesday night in Victoria, The Headstones are in town, it’s going to get loud. Headstones front man Hugh Dillon was in fine forum, a few F-Bombs and the show was on, Lighting was low key and it was loud, like super loud, even for Capital Ballroom. The strobes firing off created a surreal sight, not so good for the 3 approved photographers, but the crowd loved it. It was an “in your face” rock show. We were approved to shoot the first 3 songs, but after song #2 he went into the crowd and told everyone to shut off their phones and no photos or video. I respected his wishes and stopped shooting, it was nice to see no phones for the rest of the show, reminded me of the way rock shows used to be.



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