Complete Album Release List for May 17

Here is the list of albums release on May 17th, 2011. Take a look, find something that seems interesting and check it out. My new exploration into music, is to listen to a new album by a band I have never heard before, every single Tuesday. This week I am going to check out Living With Lions. I encourage people to try new music, you often will find something you didn’t even know you liked.

Artist Name Album Name
13 & God Own Your Ghost
Austra Feel It Break
Ben Harper Give Till It’s Gone
Company of Thieves Running From A Gamble
Damon & Naomi False Beats And True Hearts
Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi Rome
Dylan Champagne Love Songs Of The Apocalypse, Vol. 1
Face To Face Laugh Now, Laugh Later
Gold-Bears Are You Falling In Love?
Legend The Pale Horse
Living With Lions Holy Shit
Mai Doi Todd Cosmic Ocean Ship
Metal Mother Bonfire Diaries
Moby Destroyed
Ruth Gerson Deceived
Tinie Tempah Disc-Overy

Complete list courtesy of Metacritic

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