The Trews at The Vogue Theatre

Andrew W

The Trews frequent our fair city, often. In fact the last time I saw them play was only back in August when they filled the special guest spot for the Fox Seeds 2012. Because of this, they truly feel like a local band. When I see their name on the upcoming event calendars, a little spark of pride jumps inside me.

You would think that a group that comes through so often would lose popularity, but they don’t. They just keep building steam. The crowds seem to look fuller, and more and more songs seem to turn into group sing-a-longs. The Trews are a force to be reckoned with and they show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

When I walked through the glass doors of The Vogue Theatre, I noticed that the people in attendance were a little older than usual. It seems like the new album, Hope & Ruin, has garnered them a more mature sound. One that is more widely palatable by the 30 somethings. This may be why they decided to make the show assigned seating. Usually the older the audience the greater the need is for structure and order.

I stood at the base of the stage waiting for MacDonald brothers and company to appear. Like clockwork they hit the stage exactly at 9:20, just like the set times had dictated. They wasted no time and started the night off with ‘Misery Loves Company’. Within a few chords, the people in the first few rows traded their seats for standing room near the stage. Looking around, the crowds involvement started off with a bunch of bobbing heads and clapping hands. By the time the group delved into the second song, ‘Not Ready To Go’, the audience was in full fledged symbiotic mode. The music had taken control and everyone was under its spell. From their on in each song had a backing vocals from the audience.

The group went on to play a monster set of twenty four songs. The entire list looks as such:

Set List:
Misery Loves Company
Not Ready To Go (including 30 Days in the Hole)
So She’s Leaving
Can’t Stop Laughing
Paranoid Freak
Sing Your Heart Out
I’ll Find Someone Who Will
The Love You Save
Guitar Solo
Yearning (Reprise)
Highway of Heroes
Hope & Ruin
Tired Of Waiting (with One By One intro)
Ocean’s End
Fleeting Trust
Gun Control
If You Wanna Start Again
Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me
Drum Solo
Hold Me In Your Arms

Ishmael & Maggie
The World I Know
Every Inambition

By the end of the night I was thoroughly impressed. Their mixture of Eastern Canadian pub rock and that folk rock is contagious. I find myself going to each one of their shows trying to find something I hate but it never happens. It’s not that I want to hate them, it’s that I just expect after seeing them close to a dozen times, that maybe their shtick will get old. It never does though, because they earn ever clap and fight for every smile in that room. And to top it all off they love what they do. The Trews are a truly wonderful band and I look forward to seeing them again soon. Kudos to those good ol’ Canadian boys.

Photos © Jamie Taylor

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