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Charles Bradley – “Changes”


Charles Bradley is back with a brand new album.

Changesis a soul-filled charge that electrifies your body with passionate, heart-wrenching vocals and beautiful, pulsing instrumentals.

God Bless America opens the album with a touching personal message from Mr.Bradley, and then rolls into a very short patriotic anthem, setting the mood for the whole release.

Continuing on, Good To Be Back Home is the true opening song. It grabs your attention with a punchy, trumpet laden showcase punctuated by the wistful gravelly vocals of the “Screaming Eagle of Soul”.

Throughout the album there is a message of love and longing and pain and hard times. At moments it feels like the subject could be a personal relationship, then at others it feels like it is the relationship between a man and his country.

The title track is the exclamation point on the production. From the drone of the downtrodden trumpets to the slow sway of the beat to the power in the lyrics, it is completely captivating. A man contemplating and evaluating his life at a crucial moment of personal evolution. It speaks to everyone, and the delivery is haunting.

Keep on drifting through and you will cross Things You Do For Love and Crazy For Your Love. Both songs have true roots of soul sound, with that contagiously perfect sway and hyper emotive vocal delivery. I couldn’t help but feel a little Gladys-Knight’ish through both songs, in writing and in mildly-seductive finish the two are wonderfully warm and tender.

Though it is the second to last song on the compilation, Changes For The World is the culmination. It’s heavier than the rest of the album, and takes a stronger hand with its lyrical approach. Though the entire list of songs is wrought with emotion of varying degrees, it is this song that feels the most powerful. It comes across like a true plea from the performer.

Charles Bradley is a talented musician, and this album will shine forever bright in his ever-expanding repertoire. His wailing rasp brings beauty to words, and accentuates the bumping trumpets and grainy guitar work underneath.

If you really want to feel something, then listen to Changes.

Track Listing:

01 – God Bless America
02 – Good To Be Back Home
03 – Nobody But You
04 – Ain’t Gonna Give It Up
05 – Changes
06 – Ain’t It A Sin
07 – Things We Do For Love
08 – Crazy For Your Love
09 – You Think I Don’t Know (But I Know)
10 – Change For The World
11 – Slow Love

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