Deaf Havana All These Countless Nights

Deaf Havana – “All These Countless Nights”

Deaf Havana All These Countless Nights 1. Ashes, Ashes
2. Trigger
3. L.O.V.E
4. Happiness
5. Fever
6. Like a Ghost
7. Pretty Low
8. England
9. Seattle
10. St. Paul’s
11. Sing
12. Pensacola, 2013

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English alt-rock outfit Deaf Havana are back with their fourth full-length offering in All These Countless Nights.

The album follows their 2013 release, Old Souls, which peaked at number nine on the UK Album Charts.

Starting the album off is “Ashes, Ashes”, a slowly climbing acoustic intro builds into a powerful, harmonious chorus backed with punchy drums. The piece is equal parts excitement and poetic.

Slowly we roll into “Trigger” which feels inspired by Biffy Clyro’s “Mountains” but with more attitude and a far more generous wall of sound. The band does a great job of creating an impassioned intensity that warbles through your head and shakes your mind awake.

As things move forward, “Fever” is the next song of note. A thick bass line sets the tone and everything just falls into place on top of it. The echoing layers of vocals with the climbing crescendos of intricate guitar mini-scale runs ringing throughout; the album has me engaged and has ensured I will play it through to the end.

The album in it entirely plays out with the piss and vinegar you’d expect from an explosive pop post-punk mainstay like Deaf Havana.

A sign of growth and maturity can definitely be noted over their earlier work. They are increasingly polished and the end product is a wonderfully rich offering that will please fans and surely earn them much more.

They touch the softer side with tracks like “L.O.V.E” and “Happiness”, but overall they keep things fun.

They close it all out with “Pensacola, 2013”, a great mixture of haunting vocals and touching lyrics featuring an anthemic chorus and a droning instrumental concoction that makes the perfect fade-to-black.

If you are looking for something to keep the good times going or to just let everything drift away, this will be for you.

Make sure to check out track number eight, “England”, which is sure to be a fan favourite.

The album is out tomorrow, January 27th, via SO Recordings and can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

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