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Palaye Royale Hit A Poignant Note With Latest Release; The Bastards

American-Canadian rockers, Palaye Royale, have come back swinging with their latest release The Bastards.

Poignant yet easy to digest, The Bastards is ridden with messages of mental health awareness and government corruption, all the while still giving listeners the catchy and creepy edge they’ve come to expect from the band — but with higher production quality. 

Album opener, “Little Bastards”, does a great job at encapsulating the musical themes woven 

throughout the 15-track collection. With a catchy chorus to slap you in the face from the get-go and anthemic soundscapes that take a turn for the aggressive near the tail end, the song is a solid introduction to the 2020 rebirth of the band and one any current or former e-kid could get behind.

Tracks like “Massacre, The New American Dream,” and “Anxiety” are excellent representations of the fact that this band is much more than their infectiously poppy hard-rock sound, and overly theatrical aesthetic.

Both aforementioned tracks speak not only musically to the younger generations, but lyrically as well, educating them on the corrupted powers that be and all the while offering comfort in solidarity to those that experience mental health fluctuations.

While the album may not necessarily hold the same musical characteristics of the british-indie pop influences that the band once clung to, the UK punk-anarchist mindset is evident and translates incredibly through the raw vocal stylings of frontman Remington Leith.

Amidst the weighted tracks lie vibrant pick-me-ups. “Hang on to Yourself” and “Nightmares” are a prime examples as the former features sprinklings of Motown-tinted guitar work, and the latter has fuzzed-out opening riffs that add to the impressive, genre-defying abilities of the group. 
Diverse, potent, and infectious, The Bastards is a welcome refresher from today’s lackluster, cookie-cutter chart topper that pays homage to the angst-ridden motivation of emo and pop-punk bands of decades passed.



  1. Little Bastards
  2. Massacre, The New American Dream
  3. Anxiety
  4. Tonight Is The Night I Die
  5. Lonely
  6. Hang On To Yourself
  7. Fucking With My Head
  8. Nervous Breakdown
  9. Nightmares
  10. Masochist
  11. Doom (Empty)
  12. Black Sheep
  13. Stay
  14. Redeemer
  15. Lord Of Lies

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