Scattered Hamlet – “Swamp Rebel Machine”

swamp_rebel_machine_cover__ 1. Battle Hymn
2. Whip-Poor-Will
3. Stonewall Jackson
4. Four Barrel Mojo
5. White Trash
6. Swamp Rebel Machine
7. Green Bastard (feat. Johnny T. Crash)
8. Outlaw Breed
9. Rimfire
10. Buckshot
11. The Lesson

Swamp Rebel Machine is an ode to the beer-swilling, head-banging, good times that kick you in the balls and leave you for dead.

The aptly named Battle Hymn is the perfect intro track, with its battle drums and supercharged guitars it starts the quick-drip of diesel into your veins. By the mid-point of the song your head is starting to enter aggressive banging mode, and your lips begins to snarl as the attitude overflows.

The gritty vocals produced by Adam Joad instantly bring you back to the coke-fueled glam rock of yesteryear. Mix in the powerful guitar shredding by Adam Newell, and you are soaked in a pure rock experience, something that somehow seems rare these days.

Things get even heavier with Whip-Poor-Will. Stingy, rapid guitar work is laid out in a world of fast-paced drums and screechy lyrics. At moments it feels like a mashup between something from Metallica’s …And Justice for All and Shotgun Blues by Guns N’ Roses. An epic track that will leave you in awe.

When you hit Four Barrel Mojo the essence of the album starts to shift. A slide-rail blues treatment topped with a Van Halen’esque rocking dance party starts to emerge. The guitar works becomes more closely modeled after Eddie Van Halen in style, and this southern charm starts to pop its head out.

That southern influx starts to overtake and you are greeted with two variations; one in the southern blue seen in Swamp Rebel Machine and the other in the southern grit in Green Bastard. Both are anthemic tracks and show off the synchronicity of the musicians as they feed off one another, building these contagious visceral landscapes.

The album finishes off with a take-us-home track that rounds everything off quite nicely. It is slow and dark. Thick bass lines, evil vocals, and the faint sound of blowing wind.

Scattered Hamlet managed to serve up a great album. They don’t reinvent the wheel, but they deliver a solid, powerful album that is a definite contender for your rock and roll playlist.

My suggestion is to take this album, grab a bottle of whiskey, and just let it take you over.

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