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Outside of my family and friends, I love three things - music, movies, and pop culture. For me, live music is a beautiful chaos. It is an ever-growing, ever-changing force that has sunk its teeth into my very being and refuses to let go. I am an avid lover of movies, but the horror genre is by far my favorite. Blood, guts, and zombies FTW. Pop culture memorabilia collecting is something that picks its way through my bank account. Gotta have that new Mondo art print and that vintage He-Man chest plate. I hope to share my experiences with those that wish to explore.

Music Photographer | Writer | Friend to Animals | Based in Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill NC

Full Service event photographer based out of Victoria BC,

I always feel better with a camera in my hands and a tune in my ears.

Author of, a source for original music news, Interviews that celebrate the best of the bizarre and dream-like. Thank you for reading.

Hi, thanks for checking out my photos. My name is Dane Burns, I am 19 years old & I love to photograph all kinds of genres and artists. I hope you enjoy my galleries.

Michael is fueled by coffee, beer, pizza, music, movies and computers.

Photographer based out of Calgary, AB.

Exploring photography, music, people and new horizons

Krystal has been rocking out with camera in hand for almost a decade, roughly half her life so far. The hope is that as the decades go on, that fraction gets bigger and bigger. She plans to conquer the world, one country at a time... 11 down, 185 to go! If you happen upon this girl, no matter where you are in the world, say hello! You can spot her brightly coloured hair, thick-rimmed eyeglasses and wacky sense of style with her camera closely behind.

Matthew is a man, a man with opinions. He takes his readers through a unique gonzo styled adventure.

Born and raised in Richmond and Vancouver. Can be found at many shows per year in the lower mainland and Seattle with my partner in crime, Nicole, my wife. "The fact that my heart's beating, is all the proof you need." Viva La Vinyl.

I'm a fan of Nikon. I have a lot of experience with shooting concerts, but am well-rounded enough to record many types of events.

Just a normal guy who loves hockey, photography and music. Focused on Developing Quality Images.

Photographer based out of Los Angeles, with a passion for both music and capturing moments.

Connecting Cultures, Creativity and adding in some Concerts

Music, bikes, and skis are all I need...well coffee too...and food and water. Ok, the basic human necessities plus music, bikes, and skis.

Live music is a special and personal experience. When it's good, it's great. When it's not so good, at least you were there. Writing about it shares the experience amongst people who did not have that experience, whether they were there or not. It's a pretty cool thing. "The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night, And his affections dark as Erebus: Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music." (The Merchant of Venice, 5.1.91-7)

Educator, photographer, graphic designer, music geek & craft beer enthusiast.

Avid music lover and freelance photographer

I'm a typical Vancouverite: I love yoga, running, hiking, skiing and yes, the rain. What sets me apart from my fellow lulu clad coffee shop friends is that I am hopelessly addicted to the local live music scene... and that I now live in Toronto. As one of my favourite German philosophers once said, "Without Music, Life would be a Mistake" -Nietzche

You can always find me at Venues across the City and beyond with my cameras in hand, looking for talent just waiting to capture their soul at that very moment when they are in their groove. Seeing and Composing the Beauty of musicians is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. not waste that gift, do not set it on a shelf for some future use, grab it with both hands…live it now…who knows what will come tomorrow

26 year old music photographer, based in Oklahoma City, OK.

A former 3rd grade Spelling Bee Champion, Tasha has spent the last 20-ish years using her vast vocabulary and word-making skills to create whole sentences and paragraphs. She can usually be found at concerts in and around Vancouver with her mighty pen and notebook, cause she's old school like that.

I have been photographing concerts since 2009. It is my biggest passion and I strive to succeed, learn, and most of all, teach.

Writer, photographer, film student, space enthusiast, coffee addict.

IG @deathlessones

You can always find Christine writing, reading, or cooking up something delicious. Fully functioning blog coming soon!

Brendan is a music enthusiast and self-proclaimed pretentious extraordinaire. In reality, he's a simpleton with a passion for writing and music.

Photos. Coffee. Beer. Photos. Edit. Photos. Beer. Happy. Photos. Coffee. Photos. Happy.

Uses fangirl superpowers to document concerts in photo and in word.

eat. sleep. music. photos. repeat.

Not content with just being a spectator, Nathan's love for live music and thirst to create and share experiences and stories led him to pick up a camera and start filming. He thrives best when filming chaotic, live shows and couldn't see doing anything else. Catch him at a show and say hi!

Have camera, love music, will travel. Selena is constantly in pursuit of capturing that one quintessential musical moment.

Words; they fall from her fingers.

She brings a refreshing island style to our little team.

Bassist, photographer, and all around music enthusiast.

A youngish lady, living in the city of her birth, taking pictures as she goes.

Melanie is a vivacious free spirit. Her mind is a playground for original thought and provocative new ideas. The world around her is but a pawn in her inevitable quest for the ultimate knowledge. She is adventurous and outspoken. Also she likes yoga.

Few people in this world love live music as much as this lady. Her adventures have taken her all over this planet in search of music enlightenment. She breaths, eats and sleeps music. She's a walking encyclopedia of music and isn't afraid to give her opinion on bands.

I shoot rock - live music and band portrait photography - out of Victoria, BC.

I am a photographer based out of Victoria, BC and my main love in photography is music. While I've only been behind the camera for a few years now, I am currently enrolled at Western Academy of Photography to gain as much experience and knowledge as I can while getting my feet wet in various forms of photography. "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham

Scott is a guy who likes things. Sometimes he comes by and shares his thoughts on those things with us.

What can I say? I'm a music enthusiast that seeks to turn other people on to the music that's turning me on. I aim to remain unbiased and honest about the bands I love and open minded to the bands I don't through real reviews that are devoid of fluff. P.S. Buy me beer.

Photographer, artist, art student. Always shooting.

Lea is a teacher and photographer who can most often be found gallivanting about the Lower Mainland at various concerts. She is easily identified by her ever-changing, multi-coloured mane and tendency to make friends with everyone she meets. One thing's for certain: your high school English teacher was never this cool.

I am a photojournalist based in Victoria, BC who loves music and photography and is especially fond of putting the two together. I have been photographing musical events and festivals for a little over three years and had the pleasure of being Shambhala Music Festival's media team captain in 2012. Currently I am enrolled in the Western Academy of Photography's Photojournalism program and am looking forward to expanding my skill set as both a photographer and writer. “I do not place the artist on a pedestal as a little god. He is only the interpreter of the inexpressible.” ~ Edward Weston

Her vivacious spirit and quick wit are rarely matched.

My name is Annastasia, or Asia for short. Photography is my world, Its all I really think and talk about, EVER. When Im not thinking about photography I'm probably thinking about music so, Music Photography is the absolute greatest thing in the WORLD for me. I shoot a wide variety of music, never turning down a chance to bring out the camera and get some more shots, but my heart lies with Rock, Metal, Psychadelic, and Funk. I love shooting everything from my friends in the jam room, local shows in tiny sweaty rooms, to large arenas and major multi-day festivals

Shutter speeds and focal distance bring a smile to her face.

Lindsay Blair Brown is a documentary photographer based in New York.

Music, photography, rinse, repeat.

hi, my name is shelly and I like to write things about things I like.

A photographer names Rigo.

I love to combine my two passions of music and postive social change any chance I can get. I'm lucky enough to do that every alternate Thursday. For the last three and a half years I've been the host of my own radio show called Are You Aware: Music That Has Something To Say, featured on UBC's CiTR radio station. My radio show is every alternate Thursday 6-7:30pm Vancouver time on CiTR you can listen online at or on 101.9 on the fm radio in Vancouver. The theme of the show is to profile music that has a positive message behind it or musicians that are involved in positive change. The tagline of the show is: Celebrating the message behind the music: Profiling music and musicians that take the route of positive action over apathy. This is all in an effort to inspire my listeners to contribute to positive change in any way they can. I've been lucky enough to interview Freeflow, Tegan and Sara, Shad, Michael Franti, Black Gardenia, Architecture in Helsinki, The Dears and Xavier Rudd on my show. Becoming a reviewer on concert addicts will be a great addition to what I already do on my radio show. I love everything about music and I'm excited to be reviewing for Concert Addicts

Karolina is a Vancouver-based writer. You can catch her thinking about her next meal and grooving to house music, often at the same time.

A music lover with an affinity for rabbits, all things, nerdy and she only owns black clothing


Music. Photography. Why choose one?

Music's in my blood it always has been. Ever since I picked up my first guitar it's all I've ever wanted to do and now I am.

Julia Verea is a photographer, writer, and marketer born and raised in Mexico. She now lives in Vancouver and when she's not in school she is outside trying to capture beautiful images of her surroundings and her favorite artists.

Writing about stuff, this is what she does.

Photography is not just a hobby, for me it is a way of life.

Bethany Hughes is a writer, designer and printmaker living in Victoria, B.C

Hi, my name is Trevor Ball & I was born and raised in Kamloops, BC for 20 years then moved to Victoria for a career with the Navy. I have traveled through China, Korea, Japan, USA, Dominican & of course Canada. Photography was a found a passion that I started falling in love with. I have helped push myself in the direction I am today moving into the role of a freelance photographer. I wanted to stick with my passion and live it out. Since following my passion for photography, it has been an honour to learn that this could be my next life journey. I love to talk about photography, explore, and learn new things all the time. I have a never-ending range of inspiration, ideas, and photos. They say that everything happens for a reason, and I truly believe that... Thank you for visiting my website. Awards: 1st Place Photoshop Creative in Monday Magazine 2011 Prism's Choice Award in Monday Magazine 2012 Photo of the Month for Western Academy of Photography 2013

I'm a photographer combining my love for music and photography. My career began with a small camera when I was 13 years old and ultimately developed into a serious passion for music photography. Even with years of experience there's always room for improvement, so I decided to study at the University of Applied Photography, where I'll be graduating in June 2017.

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