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2015 Wrap-up

This year has been wonderful.

The Concert Addicts team has grown to cover a few more areas in the United States; Atlanta, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

I was able to meet many more of the readers while out and about at shows. Which reminds me, if you see this bearded man, feel free to say hello. He doesn’t bite.

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I started to conduct some interviews with up and coming artists, expect many more of these in 2016.

I attended 113 concerts, and saw 300+ performances.

It has been a busy and productive year, so I wanted to take a look back and do a little recap

Let’s start with my list of the top ten concerts.

Top Ten Concerts of 2015

  1. Marilyn Manson + Deap Vally @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – March 29th 2015
    The dark prince should be held in high regard. Manson proved that he is a master of the stage. His commitment to his character is chaotic and beautiful to watch. To add to that, he still delivers great vocals as well. The show was fun overall, and I left there wanting more. The opening band, Deap Valley, a two piece rock outfit from L.A., definitely added to the evening. They delivered a powerful opening that stirred up the crowd and set the stage for Marilyn’s arrival.
  2. Young Fathers @ Fortune Sound Club – April 30th 2015
    This was the surprise hit for me in 2015. I knew going in that the Edinburgh based three piece pop-hoppers, or hip-poppers depending on how you want to amalgamate hip-hop and pop, were serving up some really unique music. They hit me like early Bloc Party, but added so much more depth and soul. Seeing them live was an absolute pleasure. The lights were low, and the only focus was on the music. the whole thing was compelling and sentimental and fierce. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out – Young Fathers.
  3. Miguel + Dorothy @ Commodore Ballroom – August 22nd 2015
    This one was an easy choice. Miguel rocked the Commodore Ballroom with his hyper-sexual performance and his lets-get-sweaty tracks. His style on stage reminds me of Prince, but way more in your face. By the end of the set everyone was dripping in sweat, and screaming for more.
  4. AC/DC @ BC Place – September 22nd 2015
    Now there were a few big names that brought their mega shows through Vancouver; Foo Fighters, Muse, and many more. AC/DC takes the cake as the best big tour by far. The explosions, the stage setup, the confetti, the intensity, it was amazing. AC/DC, we salute you!
  5. Royal Blood @ The Vogue Theatre – May 23rd 2015
    This band was riding a tidal wave of hype. The music industry was buzzing about them, and treated them like the second coming. I can tell you right now, that hype was well deserved. This two piece out of Brighton brings a heavy, deep sound that you wouldn’t think possible from just two instruments. Even though the set was only about 45 minutes long, it was intense and delivered a full serving of gas-in-the-veins rock n roll. Can’t wait to see what these two do next. I also managed to interview them before this show, check it out – Royal Blood Interview.
  6. Halsey @ The Rio Theatre – November 13th 2015
    Now some of you might not know who this artist is. Not that she is elusive, or really under the radar, but she can slip through the cracks. The day of this show, it was announced she had just sold out Madison Square Garden, so that fueled a little extra excitement within the audience. Halsey’s set was marvelous. She has this certain punk attitude on stage, but cut with a pop presence. She stalks around with aggression, but then she smiles sweetly and starts bouncing to the beats. Her set was mysterious, dramatic, energetic, and truly unique. Watch this one, she is going to be big.
  7. The Struts + Andrew Watt @ Venue Nightclub – November 8th 2015
    Now many people might tell you that true rock n roll is dead, well those people would be called, “FUCKING LIARS”. Rock n roll is alive and well, and this night showcased two acts that can prove that to you. To start the night their was Andrew Watt, he brought that classic American-styled rock attitude. He stormed out into the audience with his guitar and played a bit of a slide session with fury and power. Then the night was rounded off with The Struts. Front person Luke Spiller delivers the spirit of Robert Plant, the uniqueness of Roger Daltrey, and the swagger of Mick Jagger. The set actually caught me off guard, but left me grinning from ear to ear. I will seek out many more future shows by both of these bands.
  8. Leon Bridges @ Commodore Ballroom – November 3rd 2015
    This was another no brainer. Leon Bridges brings that Sam Cooke sound that you can’t help but love. I knew his set would be good, but I was blown away by just how good. There was a lot more energy in the performance and a lot more power in Mr. Bridge’s vocals, than I expected. The other aspect I loved about the show, was just how classic it felt. The velour curtains hanging at the back of the stage, the vintage suits, it all just fit so well. Leon is aces.
  9. Florence + The Machine @ Rogers Arena – October 25th 2015
    I have waited a long time to finally see Ms. Welch perform, and I was not disappointed at all. Her set was powerful and whimsical and personal and poetic and passionate and explosive, it was fucking beautiful. She ran around the arena in her bare feet, and it stirred up the audience. By the end of the set I was left in sheer awe. She deserves every bit of recognition that she gets. She is one of the bars that performers should aim for.
  10. Twenty One Pilots @ The Vogue Theatre – December 9th 2015
    Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph delivered the best live show for 2015. The best way to describe what they serve up is just – Pure Excitement. They build their sets around the idea of starting small and ending big. The opening of the night is in darkness, and by the time it culminates they are drenched by back light while they stand on the outstretched hands of the crowd, while banging drums and having confetti and smoke cannons blasting relentlessly. They manage to communicate so well to their fans as well. This was the first show where I have ever seen someone camp out from the day before to get the best spot on the floor. If you don’t believe me, you should go check them out. I also managed to speak with them – Twenty One Pilots Interview.

Now that my top concert list is out of the way, lets keep this thing moving along.

Out of the number of concerts I attended I also managed to take some photos. I mean I did start this whole journey back in 2008 in an effort to take photos of rockstars.

After I reviewed my huge folder of photos for 2015, I dwindled them down to my top 25 favourites.

Now some of these may not be perfectly framed or focused or what not, but they are photos that I chose because I love them more than the rest.

From AC/DC to Leon Bridges, here are my Top 25 photos of 2015.

To see these photo in the full-size Flickr album click here – Top 25 of 2015 Gallery by Jamie Taylor.

Well this thing is taking longer than I thought, lets wrap it up.

This past year was an amazing experience, and I was able to meet a lot of really wonderful people.

In running this site, I spend a lot of time away from my home. The work I do for the site is done because I adore it, but I couldn’t do it without the love and support of my girls; Nia, Kali, and Lili. They are my everything.

So to close out this year, I will just say thank you.

Thank you to all the visitors and readers and supporters an PR reps and promoters and bands and artists and lighting techs and everyone, but most of all thank you to my girls.

2015 was wicked, but I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

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