Canadian Government Is Screwing Our Small Venues


In recent news, the Canadian Government has made changes that will see venues charged $425 per band member per performance in Canada.

The Calgary Herald reported this little tidbit of information. Also specifying that this will apply to all members of the band, including tour managers, sound people, guitar tech, etc. Previously the fee was simply $150 per band member, and that maxed out at $450.

Now lets break that down a bit. Say you wanted to see a great band like the Foals, play in a great small venue like the Commodore Ballroom. With the previous system, the venue would pay the maximum amount, as this is a 5 piece band. So they would pay $450. But now, under the new rules, they would pay $425 for each of the members (5 x $425 = $2125). Then to add to that they have a touring manager, a guitar tech and two sound people/roadies, (4 x $425 = $1700). So what used to be a $450 charge is now $3825.

That is a lot more money. Who do you think will float that extra charge? That is right, it will all be passed down on to the consumer. So this will result in more expensive tickets, food and drinks, and more than likely more costly merchandise.

Now as a person that loves to see great up and coming bands play at small venues, this new system is beyond idiotic. The government thinks they can take a big wet bite out of the music scene, when in effect they are once again dipping their greedy hands into our pockets.

You may ask, well what can I do? Well for starters your can get your ass over to Change.org and sign the petition to fight this evil, evil entity – here is the link.

This change is going to affect which bands decide to tour Canada. Smaller bands from across the pond and even from the US will opt out of visiting us until they are big enough for the new charges to make sense, or cents.

I, for one, do not want to stand idly by and let the law makers screw me out of great music. Make your voices heard people. Go to this website and sign the petition.

This is important.

This is urgent.


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