Concert Dilemmas

Throughout everyone’s concert attending career you are faced with various ‘concert dilemmas’. These can be very simple life questions, such as, should I go to this awesome concert or should I go to my friends birthday party? Or they can be more complex choices, such as the one I am facing at the moment. Let me explain.

I am a part of The Vault fan club, which is offered by Thirdman Records. This is a fan club for everything Jack White, from his own bands, to bands in his record labels roster. One of the benefits to being in the little club are the presales to all of his shows, and shows by the artists in his roster. When the Jack White at the Queen E show went on sale I was able to score some sweet, and hard to get, general admission pit tickets. I was excited to see him perform, it has been 3 years since The Dead Weather played back to back shows at the Commodore Ballroom – (photos of that show).

After my initial excitement died down, I put my tickets in my lock box, and carried on. Then some other show announcements started to come out. A few that, once again, peeked my interest. The top two being Tenacious D and John C. Reilly And Friends. This is when I noticed something, all three shows are on May 27th. What diabolical demon had done this? In what realm is it okay to book three amazing shows on the same night. I mean COME ON!

As I further let the information sink into my brain, I started trying to come up with scenarios where I could see all 3 shows. I thought maybe I could catch the first few songs of Tenacious D at the PNE Amphitheatre, then rally over to see a few songs by John C. Reilly And Friends at the Rio Theatre and then rocket over to see the last songs of Jack White at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I mean it is totally possible, YA RIGHT!

The thoughts swirled in my mind. Then I started remembering some outside information. John C. Reilly is in fact in the Thirdman Records roster. This means he has a professional, and probably personal, relationship with Jack White. Could that mean that John or Jack could show up at each others shows? Well I would like to think there is a really good chance of that. With that simple idea, I am now bound to being at both shows. But what about Jack Black and Tenacious D?

Jack Black and Jack White both had cameos in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Now I bet you can’t guess who the star of that movie was? That’s right it was John C. Reilly. Hold the phone, could all three of these guys be friends? Could their be a possibility of each of these artists showing up at each others shows? The answer is a simple yes.

Now I am further in the rabbit hole, and I am stuck. John’s show is listed as starting at 9:30pm over on Mr.White’s show is listed over on the Queen Elizabeth Theatre’s website as starting at 8pm. And finally Mr.Black’s show is listed on the PNE website to start at 6:30pm. So if everything was to go perfectly, I could in fact attend all three shows. But we all know that that rarely happens. So what the hell am I to do? Well I have tickets to Jack White, I am going to attend that no matter what. Tenacious D start early enough that I can make that show as well, so I am going to see that one. It all comes down to set times, which I won’t know until a few days before the show dates.

So that, my friends, is my dilemma. It is giving me restless nights, and causing me to space out and stare at the wall. All I have to say is this, “dear universe please refrain from ever doing this to me again in the future!”

Owner + Editor In Chief + Concert Photographer
  1. Jamie…if you enjoy this kind of angst you should go to Coachella or Lollapalooza…3 consecutive 12+ hour days of dilemmas like this! 

  2. I hear ya.  I bought John C. Reilly tix back when they went on sale, then rolled my eyes and scoffed when I later saw Tenacious D scheduled for the same night.  Then Jack White comes along and trumps all.  Now I gotta figure out what to do with these spare John C. Reilly tickets since my brain and body can’t handle the hassle to attempting to attend multiple shows in the same night.  Good luck to you!

  3. If you just drive to the ‘SASQUATCH! Music Festival’ that weekend instead, you can see ALL THREE! Problem solved my friend :)!

  4. Oh, if it were just that easy. Yet again I find myself in a situation where I cannot go to Sasquatch. Next year I am putting a plan into place to ensure there are no weddings/funerals/other stuff that will get in my way. 

  5. i will buy a GA jack white ticket from you.
    i’m dying!
    (and also have the same problem as you, but i chose Jack White over everyone else. I love jack white <3)

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