Finding A New Band To Fall In Love With

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For me, music is about unrestrained exploration.

I don’t restrict myself to any specific genres.

This allows me the ability to be as open minded as possible when new bands come along my desk.

I still find it hard to find any new bands to fall in love with.

Sure there will always be the groups that just take your breath away in the recorded form, but for the majority I need to experience them live.

I need to go out and hear them play in front of a crowd.

I need to watch them as they work the stage.

It is from this that I tend to find the majority of the bands I have fallen in love with.

Bands like Cage the Elephant and My Morning Jacket are wonderful recording artists, but their stage shows are what sold me.

Watching Matt Shultz from Cage the Elephant traverse the stage, possessed by the music, with his spastic, random contortions mixed with his tendency to jump into every crowd before him, just brings joy to my heart.

Witnessing Jim James from My Morning Jacket deliver a heart-wrenching, sweat-drenched performance, using up every last bit of energy in his body until he can barely walk off the stage, I mean come on, that is a thing of beauty.

It’s for these reasons that I seek out new bands by means of live concerts.

When I have night where I am free I will just pick a concert at a local club and check it out.

The worst case scenario is that I see the worst band ever give the worst performance of their career. That in itself is actually something pretty interesting. It becomes a talking point, it becomes a story to share. That $11 I spent, will now be a reference point to compare any other shows.

The best case scenario is that I see the best band ever give the best performance of their career. I mean, how can I pass on that possibility.

Because of this, I have found many bands to fall in love with.

Another benefit to this, is seeing a band before they get popular.

Back in 2013 I saw Imagine Dragons at The Commodore Ballroom and in 2011 I saw Frank Turner at the Biltmore Cabaret.

Going back a little further I saw Mr. Jack White with his bands The Raconteurs in 2008 and The Dead Weather in 2009, both at The Commodore Ballroom.

Because of those shows, each of those four bands are constantly in my mind when I am scouring my music library to build a playlist.

They sold me as performers, they showed me where that passion came from and they earned a lifetime fan in me.

So I urge people to get out there.

Go see shows at all the clubs and pubs and bars that you can find.

Just buy a ticket and check it out.

It could be the best night of your life.

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