Listening To The Oldies Always Brings Back The Memories

Listening To The Oldies Always Brings Back The Memories

When I look at the current list of musicians I love, I find quite a few remind me of my past.

IMG_0174I remember moments in my childhood, listening to the radio with my dad, while we went on road trip.

Moments like that, introduced me to great music.

My dad introduced me to the likes of Joe Cocker, and his soulful vocals.

My parents wedding song was Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful. To this day when I hear it, it makes me smile.

I’ve always listened to oldies music over any current music, if made to chose.

motown-logoEven now I tend to fall in love with any artist that reminds me of any of the old Motown greats. I mean give me Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, or Gladys Knight & the Pips any day of the week and I will take it. I love me some blues, and I love me some soul.

Whenever I hear newer blues musicians, I find a greater emotional attachment over newer musicians of any other genre.

When I try to pin point why that is, I think it is about those special memories. It is about my emotional state at the time those memories are formed.

When I hear a blues singer like Charles Bradley or even the unique blues stylings of Jack white, I am immediately connected to the emotions behind the music. In all honesty, nine times out of ten, I think about my dad. It is crazy how the whole thing is wired up.

Then I make an effort to swing by my parents house and visit.

It is for this reason I believe that all parents should expose their children to music.

Help form their opinions of music, help expose them to various forms of music.

Music is a beautiful means of communicating.

I am grateful for the music both my parents exposed me to, but I am especially grateful for the trips my dad and I went on, and the music that he chose for them.

I am curious to know, what kind of music did your parents pass on to you?

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