Mobile Apps And Social Circles

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Mobile applications are running my life.

This is not a bad thing, at all. In fact I love having a device setup so that it helps me with my needs.

I have my calendar synchronised with my Facebook and Google accounts, this allows me to be on the ball when it comes to important events. Most notably when it comes to birthdays. I never miss any special days, its really wonderful.

Now I find their are more and more applications that are set out to really help you with your social lives. It is to the point that you can live through your phone, you can literally have it help you meet new people.

hot or not 1One particular mobile app that is utilizing this social people finding ability is HotOrNot. Originally started as an online photo rating site. Where users uploaded photos of themselves and the community rated the user photos on a scale of 1 to 10. The resulting average score was prominently displayed online to both the user and the public. Has now become an online dating service. Within the mobile app you are able to find interesting people around you and chat with them. Featuring a hot online community with over 190 million members.

I find this really interesting because it takes something that would normally be anti-social, a mobile app, and really allows it to generate localized social meet ups. How cool is that?

The people over at Hot Or Not have a great sense of the future, and I see this application doing really well. You can find out more over at on their Facebook page, or if you like winning stuff you can check out their latest sweepstakes, here.hot or not 2

In combing through social applications, the newest to the scenes are definitely starting to, or at least planning to, have a location based approach. This means you could be out at a concert, turn on your Hot Or Not application and see other people at that very concert that match up to you. That blows my mind. This is now a tool for meeting people.

This works so well with the concert scene, because everyone goes to a concert to have a great time. So why not go to that concert, meet up with someone new and amplify the enjoyment. This especially works for someone like me. I tend to go to a lot of concerts on my own, because a lot of my friends do not enjoy all the wonderful music I enjoy. So now I could go down to a show and meetup with someone that matches up to me. That is a pretty sweet deal.

All in all applications on mobile device keep getting more and more clever. The fact that new apps are starting to try to push people together as opposed to isolating us in our bubbles, really works well for the human race.

If you want this app, you can download it here.

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