Songs To Get You Addicted – Part 1

I have decided to stop being so friggin’ lazy. I mean kids, work, school, concerts, running this website, eating and sleeping; it’s time to get busy and do more. First stop on this train of inspiration is to commit to posting one blog entry per week, at bare minimum. This shall be the initial post in that effort.

I listen to a lot of music. I mean I listen to great music, and I listen to terrible music. Throughout this process I find some real gems. When I am having casual conversations with me friends, and I bring up some of these bands, I get blank stares. I mean it’s not like I am holding it over anyone’s heads, but I would like to be able to have more people to discuss this music with. As such I am going to offer up a list of songs to those out there who are interested. This list will just be a compilation of ditties that I have been addicted to all week. I hope it will act as a catalyst and cause some musical exploration.

Many people out there are stuck with the same bands they have always loved, which is fine. But for me, I need a refreshing influx of new stuff to check out. It keeps me interested, and it keeps me sane. Anyway without further ado here is what I have been addicted to all week.

Animal Collective
Brother Sport by Animal Collective on Grooveshark

The Tallest Man On Earth
I Won’t Be Found by The Tallest Man on Earth on Grooveshark

Dirty Projectors
Cannibal Resource by Dirty Projectors on Grooveshark

The Afghan Whigs
66 by The Afghan Whigs on Grooveshark

Charli XCX
Stay Away by Charli XCX on Grooveshark

Sunrise by Yeasayer on Grooveshark

Aesop Rock
Daylight by Aesop Rock on Grooveshark

Dirty Three
Indian Love Song by Dirty Three on Grooveshark

Grizzly Bear
Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear on Grooveshark

Cloud Nothings
Understand At All by Cloud Nothings on Grooveshark

My Old Ways by Dr. Dog on Grooveshark

I Know Who You Are But What Am I by Mogwai on Grooveshark

King Tuff
Sun Medallion by King Tuff on Grooveshark

The Way You Wish You Could Live In The Storm by Moonface on Grooveshark

If you are so inclined, here is the entire playlist, all in one nice little package –

I hope that you enjoyed the music and that it got you a little more addicted. If not…well…..ummmmmm…… are stupid.

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