Three Shows You Must See # 2

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Well we are back into it. I want to bring up three shows that are looming on the horizon, that I think you should put an effort into checking out.

Each of these bands are amazing in their own right, and I hope I can shed a little light onto their upcoming performances.

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When: April 15th & 16th 2013
Where: The Vogue Theatre – link
Why: Why? I think the right question would be ‘Why Not?’ Prince is playing a 1,500 person venue. He is going to rock the house until it falls of its foundations, end of story. For those of you out there that may not be well versed in his music, you need to take it for a spin, and really listen. He is so versatile. If you don’t believe me, push play on this video right here.


Jessie Ware

When: April 8th 2013
Where: Commodore Ballroom – link
Why: I am always a sucker for a strong female lead. Jessie has this intensity about her vocals that will draw you in and leave you mesmerised. This Scottish beauty is in the same vein as Florence Welch, I can’t stop listening to her. My feeling on her, is she will be coming back in 6 months to play a much larger venue. So do not miss out on seeing her at the Commodore Ballroom.

The Bronx

The Bronx

When: April 13th 2013
Where: The Vogue Theatre – link
Why: I think the best way to say it is like this, THEY KICK ASS. These guys have a ton of energy, and bring a great hard sound. Many people I know are huge supporters/fans of this band, and because of that I became very interested in them. This band is on the up-and-up, so don’t miss them this time around. I am sure they will return soon, but I am sure they will be much bigger then, and those shows tickets will be harder to come by.

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