Three Shows You Must See # 3


We return with another installment of Three Shows You Must See.

Each of these three bands are amazing in their own right, and I hope I can shed a little light onto their upcoming performances.



When: May 15th 2013
Where: Sugar Nightclub (Victoria) – link
Why: First you might ask why I would choose the Victoria date over the Vancouver date. Well for the Victoria date Kastle is playing with Savant, and I feel this duo will be much better suited than the duo of Kastle and Kaytanada in Vancouver. Kastle is becoming known as an amazing live musician. After the epic tales from his 2012 tour echoing through the street, this Victoria show is a must

tom odell

Tom Odell

When: May 12th 2013
Where: The Media Club – link
Why: I am not surprised that few people have heard of Mr. Odell. He is getting major play in the UK, but not so much on the American side of the pond. He won the 2013 Critic’s Choice at the BRIT Awards. His sound is more than intriguing, it is addictive. Having the luck to see this artist at such an intimate venue, should have everyone chomping at the bit.



When: May 18th 2013
Where: The Electric Owl – link
Why: With all the Mumford’eque bands on the market, we are innodated with copycat, folk sounds galore. One band that is making less-Mumfordy folk music is Stornoway. They have this jangly flow, supported with soft subtle lyrics. I cannot seem to get them out of my mind, and as such, I think their upcoming show is a must see.

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