Voices in the Park Will Be Beautiful


This Saturday, Stanley Park will play host to Voices in the Park. A musical gathering that benefits The Sarah McLachlan School of Music (SoM) – link.

For those of you who don’t know, SoM, is a free music program in Vancouver, British Columbia aimed at youth who do not have the financial means to take music lessons. The school is dedicated to helping young people find their voice. It is a great organization that helps the community, and really helps our local young people experience music.

Voices in the Park has a bevvy of amazing artists; Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Stevie Nicks, Jann Arden, Hedley, Hey Ocean!, Chin Injeti, The Boom Booms, Vancouver Man’s Choir, Whitehorse and DJ Dave. Plus there will be one super special guest appearance by former-President Bill Clinton. Now that is an amazing lineup.

The ticket prices vary from $85-$285. Many of the higher price ticket groups are already sold out, but there are still plenty of ticket available including tickets to the General Admission area, and some freshly released tickets in section 2 which is right up near the front of the stage (you can see the layout here).

If you haven’t ever seen Sarah McLachlan live, you are missing out. Her voice is something that cannot be truly captured on any recording device. Given that her albums can still shake people to their very core, it does not even come close to what she can deliver live. I may be setting the bar pretty high, but she has never failed in delivering an immaculate performance when I have had the pleasure of experiencing her live.

To add to that, she is just the icing on the cake. Stevie Nicks and Bryan Adams on one bill is astounding. In fact if you don’t have your tickets for this, you need to stop reading this right now, and head over to Ticketmaster and by your tickets right away (click here).

I am still shocked when I talk to many of the local concert addicts out there who have not heard of this music event. Although it hasn’t been plastered all over the radio, nor has there been a ton of other marketing surrounding it, it still has some key locally bread musicians that should never fall off any Vancouverites radar. The chances of cross-pollination on this night will be great. I wouldn’t doubt if we see some moments in the night with more than two of the major cast members up on stage making some amazing music together.

To say that I am excited for this show would be an under statement. This show is going to be “The Show” for me this year. I plore you all to be there with me as well. Great music, great cause, great venue. How could you go wrong?

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