The East Coast Flavored Jay Nash

The East Coast Flavored Jay Nash

I feel like lately I have been getting back to very simple music.

Don’t get me wrong I love the complexities and variations all music brings, but I really feel like I am starting to appreciate the delicateness of folk and the beautiful simplicity of a man, or woman, and a guitar.

While on this exploration someone emailed me an artist in this vein, and I absolutely fell in love with the music.

His name is Jay Nash, and he is an East Coast native and rock troubadour. The rustic vibrato and sweet subtleties of the guitar take me far, far away.

I used to attribute this type of music to pub music. Something you would sit down and listen to while you slammed a Heineken and drown the echoes of your day away.

He emerged into the national spotlight from the same Los Angeles music scene that gave rise to Sara Bareilles, Katy Perry and many other current pop luminaries. Nash has shared the stage with everyone from the Counting Crows and Maroon 5 to Keb Mo and Dave Mason (and Sara and Katy…). He has logged over a thousand live performances and sold over 35,000 albums without ever having signed a conventional record label deal. He writes songs that are all at once clever and down to earth. Although subdued at times, his voice articulates a quiet power that commands the attention of his listeners.

Jay teamed up with Sara Bareilles and recorded a song on one of his earlier albums. Take a listen to these powerful vocals. They may just grab a hold of you, just like they did to me.

While skipping through Youtube and listening to the various Jay Nash song’s I could find, I realized that Jay nash is actually in town this weekend.

Jay is going to be opening the Martin Sexton show at The Rio Theatre on March 8th 2014. You can get some more information right here. Doors 7pm / Show 8pm, tickets $30 + s/c.

As soon as I heard this I ran out and bought myself a ticket. I can’t wait to sit down at the theatre, open a drink and let Mr. Nash drain it all away.

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