Concerts at Commodore Ballroom

commodore ballroom
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Apr 19 lovelythebandCommodore Ballroom
Apr 20 Delhi 2 DublinCommodore Ballroom
Apr 21 Taking Back SundayCommodore Ballroom
Apr 22 Taking Back SundayCommodore Ballroom
Apr 26 WintersleepCommodore Ballroom
May 3 The Boom BoomsCommodore Ballroom
May 8 Passion PitCommodore Ballroom
May 9 The Tea PartyCommodore Ballroom
May 10 The Tea PartyCommodore Ballroom
May 11 Tom OdellCommodore Ballroom
May 15 Local NativesCommodore Ballroom
May 18 Kill TonyCommodore Ballroom
May 20 Jenny LewisCommodore Ballroom
May 21 Elle KingCommodore Ballroom
May 22 The SpecialsCommodore Ballroom
May 24 Gogol BordelloCommodore Ballroom
May 25 Higher BrothersCommodore Ballroom
May 28 J.I.DCommodore Ballroom
May 29 Death From AboveCommodore Ballroom
May 30 Ocean AlleyCommodore Ballroom
May 31 Steven PageCommodore Ballroom
Jun 1 Tim BakerCommodore Ballroom
Jun 3 AvatarCommodore Ballroom
Jun 5 ArizonaCommodore Ballroom
Jun 6 Bear’s DenCommodore Ballroom
Jun 8 Nick MurphyCommodore Ballroom
Jun 9 Nick MurphyCommodore Ballroom
Jun 12 L7Commodore Ballroom
Jun 13 The HeavyCommodore Ballroom
Jun 14 Sticky FingersCommodore Ballroom
Jun 15 Sticky FingersCommodore Ballroom
Jun 18 Aly & AJCommodore Ballroom
Jun 21 Five Alarm FunkCommodore Ballroom
Jun 22 Daniel WesleyCommodore Ballroom
Jun 25 Jim JamesCommodore Ballroom
Jun 28 Black Pistol FireCommodore Ballroom
Jul 11 SonrealCommodore Ballroom
Jul 13 ECCW WrestlingCommodore Ballroom
Aug 21 Demons & WizardsCommodore Ballroom
Sep 6 The Mountain GoatsCommodore Ballroom
Oct 1 Snarky PuppyCommodore Ballroom
Oct 8 TinariwenCommodore Ballroom
Oct 11 54-40Commodore Ballroom
Oct 12 54-40Commodore Ballroom
Oct 14 StereolabCommodore Ballroom
Oct 23 Jeremy DutcherCommodore Ballroom
Oct 26 Noah KahanCommodore Ballroom

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