Contributor Guidelines

Concert Addicts is a group of like-minded individuals with a true passion for music. We strive to maintain a professional and courteous environment at all times. The following document outlines the requirements that all contributors are to follow. Inability to abide by these requirements may result in the rejection of future press requests and the dismissal from being a contributor.

It is important to note that at this time this is a non-paying exchange of content for access. What we are able to provide is access to concerts and artists, in exchange for contributions, in the form of photography, reviews, interviews, and videography.

New Contributor Probation

  • Restricted to shooting non-multi-day events (ie. festivals), until the contributor has successfully submitted content for 2 concerts, in a timely manner.

Media Access Requests

  • Contributors will submit their requests to cover shows here.
    • The Request Manager is a central repository that houses all contributor requests.
    • You can request anything you want. It is then reviewed to see if it aligns with what we are looking to cover, this ensures someone is requesting to cover anything weird (ie Sesame Street Live). Should an event you submitted not fit for any reason we will let you know and then remove it or send a denial email.

Media Access – Requirements

  • Requests for concerts must be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the event.
  • Requests for festivals must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.
  • Submitting a request to the Request Manager commits your availability to that event. Should Concert Addicts get approval for your request and then you are not available, miss the show, or drop the show last minute, this will count as a sort of strike against you. If you get too many strikes against you, you will be dismissed from being a contributor.

Media Access – Important Points

  • Artists with multiple shows in a row in the same city.
    • When an artist has a multi-night stint in a city, we will only allow coverage of one of those nights. 
    • Most of the time with multi-night stints the band/promoter will only allow media on the first night.
  • Festivals
    • We will only request access to a festival for the entire run, we will not be able to get you access to a festival to shoot one band or just one day. For example, if Arcade Fire is playing Sasquatch! Festival, request access to the festival, and do not request for Arcade Fire specifically.
  • Request Manager
    • There is some logic in the request manager to prevent duplicate requests, but it is not perfect. If for any reason the system allows a duplicate request, the contributors involved will be contacted to clarify and resolve. This includes two contributors requesting different artists from one billing (ie contributor 1 requests My Morning Jacket (headliner) and contributor 2 requests Biffy Clyro (opener))

Media Access – Confirmation

  • A request to the Request Manager does not guarantee access. If you are approved you will receive an email specifically saying so and an outline of when content is due and other pertinent information.
  • Confirmation from promoters/management/pr/etc can come as early as months in advance and as late as the same day of the show, the latter is most common. Please be prepared for both scenarios. This means if you have a show request, please check your email up until a couple hours before the show. If you are requesting access to a show that is out of your area, you may want to take this into account as this would still count as a strike against you, if you miss it because of a late approval.
  • If we do not receive any word from our contacts, the contributor would not receive any word from us.

Media Access – Approval

  • Once you have been approved, any requirements will be communicated to you. If you have any questions, just ask.
  • You will need valid ID to acquire you media access
  • If the venue has an age restriction, then this applies to media as well. (ie.  19+ or 21+)
  • If you have been banned from a venue, please let us know ahead of time. As this would also apply to media access.
  • A photographers pass will only grant you access to photograph a show. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Do not go into a show as a photographer expecting that they will let you stick around.

Submitting Your Work
Your work will need to be submitted to the WordPress system. This entails creating a post and/or adding your photos/words to the body of the post. Other details for the post are included within any approval email you receive.

Please note the following for all written submissions:

  • All reviews should be a minimum of 300 words
  • We will not accept any work with any expressions of a discriminative nature (simply means no racism, sexism etc).

Please note the following for all photo content submissions:

**Updated process – as of 07/18/2017**

  • All photos will now be uploaded to your Flickr account and then embedded as an album in the WordPress post.
  • Only the “featured image” for the WordPress post will need to be uploaded to the post.
  • Uploaded photo must be a jpeg file (.jpg)
  • Uploaded photo must be re-sized to a maximum width/height of 1800 pixels.
  • Uploaded photo must be smaller than or equal to 2MB in size.
  • You must include a written paragraph about the show with any photo-only content submission. This can just be added to the body of the WordPress post.

Submissions – Requirements

  • If you don’t want something posted, please don’t submit it.
  • You retain copyright and ownership of your images.
  • All work submitted to by any contributor, by means of media access arranged by, may be posted to any other source outside of We ask that if you post the content on your own site or social feeds that you link back to us, or attribute the content as being “for”. Doing this will help our SEO and help your SEO. It is a really good way to get both sites more recognition on search engines. Any questions? let us know – mail.
  • All work must be submitted within 48 hours of the event date/time, unless otherwise requested. Sometimes promoters and partners set time limits on posting our articles as a requirement for providing media access. If this is the case the contributor will be advised at the time we,, are made aware.

Submissions – Important Points

  • Monday-Friday
    We are actively in the office Monday to Friday. If you submit work on the weekend, we will try our best to post it right away, but please be patient. Sometimes work submitted on the weekend will be pushed to Monday to be posted.
  • Social Streams
    We post every submission in our social streams. Should you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Google+ account you wish us to mention when posting, please include that information when submitting your contributions.We always make an effort to attribute the contributor, if we fail to do so please let us know as it is not intentional.

Departing Concert Addicts

  • Stopping to submit coverage on your own volition
    If you just stop generating coverage nothing will happen to your ability to return at any time. There is no requirement that you submit a certain amount. Feel free to do as little or as much as you want. If you move to a new city, you can definitely try to cover shows there as well.
  • Being dismissed from Concert Addicts
    If a situation arises where you have been missing too many deadlines, dropping too many shows last minute, doing anything to tarnish the name or reputation of Concert Addicts, or just generally doing anything nefarious or being an asshole, you may be removed as a contributing member of the team. If the situation can be handled civilly, then your earlier content will be left up on Concert Addicts but if you really, really mess up, you will be removed and your content will be disassociated with your user account.

Growing and Expanding

  • New Ideas
    We are a music website. If you have any ideas about doing something new or writing about music or interviewing people or shooting video of something or creating a “how to” series or just something cool and exciting, just email us and let us know. We love to expand and bring in new things and help figure out what it is you are interested in,
  • Trying new things
    If you want to try your hand at something new, same thing, just email us. If you are excited to try something, why not try it. Grow your abilities and try new things, if we can help facilitate that, then let’s do it.

Note: You at all times retain ownership of your work. The only thing we will use your contribution for is the article it was intended for or associated social media streams. At no time will we claim direct copyright or ownership of your work. If we are ever approached by any outside entity to use your work elsewhere, we will merely put that entity in touch with the contributor. We are a display case for your art. We are here to promote you. We may end up only being a stepping stone in many peoples careers, but we will do everything we can to grow you and get your work noticed.

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