A Chat With Aaron Ross Of The Boom Booms

Local Vancouver alt-soul outfit The Boom Booms have been busy these days.

They are releasing a new album called Day We Said Goodbye and they are touring extensively through British Columbia, with some additional stops in Alberta.

One of the first songs from the new album is “All Day All Night”, check it out.

We were able to steal a few minutes from lead vocalist Aaron Ross this week and chat about a few things.

CA: You are scheduled to perform during the second weekend of the Celebration of Light in Vancouver, on August 2nd. Where will eager music lovers go to check out that show?

AR: It’s down in English Bay [specifically located at Ceperley Meadow at Second Beach]. It’s the front of the main part of English Bay in front of the bathrooms. Sort of the East end of the beach and they put a stage in that park area but I’m not actually a hundred percent sure [laughter].

CA: I know if has been a few years but the mini documentary “Boom Boom Brazil” was such an interesting endeavour, can you talk about that experience?

AR: Well, it was a terrific experience. Just a little bit of backstory, we had, had that idea in our mind for a while. We thought, we love travelling and learning about different cultures and the different music and getting kind of involved in the different culture. We had done the big road trip, when this band had got together we drove from Vancouver all the way to Panama and down to Brazil and travelled through Columbia and Venezuela. We did that whole road trip in the RV and then we also bused around Europe and we thought, wouldn’t it be great to start a travel show. So, when we got the money from the Peak for doing that band competition we thought, this is perfect, this is our chance to make a pilot episode and where would be a good place to do the pilot episode? What we envisioned as the pilot episode of what we would pitch to the Life network to National Geographic to Discovery to MTV and Much Music et cetera. And we thought, what better place than Brazil? You know, it’s sexy, they have amazing music culture and just Boom Boom Brazil sounds good. So we thought, that’s a no brainer.

CA: Do you see anything like that happening again in your or the bands future? Maybe just documenting your regular tour life?

AR: Yeah, I guess that is something we have talked about a little bit. Actually, I guess we’ve never really talked to much about documenting our normal travels while we’re touring around Western Canada but I suppose we could and that would be lots of fun. We should do that We could just burst the bubble and do the realities of being an indie band, kind of thing. That’s a good idea man, maybe we will do that this summer.

CA: What was it like producing the new album yourselves?

AR: Yeah, this one we self-produced. Well, we co-produced with Sam Woywitka who engineered it. Essentially with the first album we ever put out, we self-produced and I think people really connected to the simplicity of it, The kind of honesty of it. And that sort of came about…it was our first album so we didn’t really know what we were doing. I think people really connected with that and we wanted to make an album that sounded…that captured the energy of the live show. So yeah, that is kind of what we set out to do. And then really on a song side of things, I really wanted to make things work, I wanted to go ahead and challenge myself, so I sort of dug deep to write songs that were about real life and they kind of struck me because it seemed like a lot of things were happening or had happened over the last couple of years. So we set out to make an album that sounded live and that also, where all the songs were coming from a very real place as opposed to just a crafting songs kind of place.

As a songwriter you just…you’re always writing songs, right? So, if you’re pumping out a bunch of material at a certain point, for me anyways, you can just get into the rhythm of enjoying the craft of song writing. I think it’s different for every writer, some writers are constantly writing about personal things and some other ones just get into the craft of song writing. I had kind of just gotten into the rhythm of just making songs but I really just wanted to dig into some songs about some real stuff.

CA: Was there any reason you chose “All Day All Night” as the first song to be released from your latest album?

AR: It’s just like the most poppy, I guess. We just felt like it was a good, energizing, catchy, fun song. It’s like probably the funnest song on the album.

CA: What can fans expect from the latest album over the previous work?

AR: First of all, we wanted to sonically make a record that we could reproduce live with the five of us. So you have that, so it sounds like you’re listening to us play. And there’s a lot of storytelling on it. I think it is just as eclectic as anything else we have put out. So that is something that I think people expect and get from our albums is you get a little bit of everything. Oh yes, and we are doing the album release at the Vogue this time. That’s in late October.

CA: What under the radar/lesser known artist do you think people should check out?

AR: Hmmm, what’s somebody new, I listen to so much random stuff. Oh okay, here’s one guy, I mean it changes every week, but here’s one guy that really inspires me, his name is JMSN, and it’s just the initials. I don’t know how underground or not he is but I’d never heard of him until last week. I really like him, you know it’s cool. He is committed to creating a vibe and he plays his album, like in an age of music and computers, he is getting back to a real way of doing it. The songs weren’t even fully written when he was recording the album because he wanted to capture that sort of one of kind energy that happens when you’re just figuring out the track. I thought that was cool and I think the music is great.

And that was it. After a few short minutes on the phone I left Aaron to return to his day.

I enjoyed our chat and wish big things for him and his band. They have put out solid music for a few years now.

If you are in Vancouver on August 2nd, make sure to check out their show at the Celebration of Light.

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