Interviews with Aurora at Imperial - April 10th 2016
Interviews with Aurora at Imperial - April 10th 2016

A Chat With Aurora

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Aurora is a singer-songwriter out of Norway whose vocal prowess will melt your soul.

A few days ago, she played at the Imperial in Vancouver.

It was her first time in Canada, and we were lucky enough to get a few moments of her time to talk about a some things.

So we had the mighty beard pack up his things and head down for a nice little chat.

As part of our interviews we like to ask each interviewee about the lesser-known or under-valued artists that they think people should check out. Aurora chose the following two artists.

Bunny Suit


Aurora really presented herself as a sweet, soft-spoken person with a true passion and respect for music and people. She may be the most heartfelt and genuine person we have ever interviewed.

We hope to see her back in Vancouver very soon so we can chat again.

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