Rival Sons by Ross Halfin

A Chat With Michael Miley Of Rival Sons

We have been waiting for Long Beach rock band Rival Sons to hit Western Canada for awhile now. The last time I can remember them coming through was back in 2013. 

After a few shows they were set to open for were cancelled, we were worried we would never get to see them, but things worked out and they will be here on March 7th opening for Black Sabbath – more info.

In anticipation of that upcoming show we got on the horn and had a chat with Michael Miley the mighty drummer of Rival Sons.

One thing we like to do, is ask artists who they are listening to. Our goal is to help get our readers introduced to bands they may not yet have heard of.

Michael Miley chose 3 bands, each of which are badass:

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown out of Honey Grove, Texas, check out there song – “Lipstick Wonder Woman”

Blue Pills out of Sweden, check out there song – “High Class Woman”

The Graveltones out of London, check out there song – “Catch Me On The Fly”

We would like to wish Michael and the boys a great time on the remainder of their tour. We hope to catch up with them when they come to town to open the night for Ozzy et all.

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