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JFL NorthWest has done an amazing job in bringing some top notch talent to Vancouver this year.

One of the shining gems of this years bunch is funny man Ron Funches. A comedian with a truly unique style, and a warm heart.

I had a chance to sit down with him for a quick chat so I jumped at the opportunity.

It should be noted that we played Street Fighter V during this interview, so if you hear a bunch of clicking and random laughing that is Ron kicking my butt. Watch the Twitch stream right here.

One thing we like to do, is ask interviewees what lesser-known artists they are into. Our goal is to help get our readers introduced to new artists they may not yet have heard of.

Ron chose a musician and a comedian:

Musician – Michael Christmas

Comedian – Kate Berlant

Kate Berlant Promo from Joseph Bennett on Vimeo.

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