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Dan Reynolds and D. Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons – October 6th 2012

I walked into a plain boring hotel conference room but when I met Dan and Wayne fromImagine Dragons, the room brightened up.

GG: What was the hardest song to write on your album “Night Visions”?

Dan : I would say the hardest song to write and record was, “Enough to say” the last song on the album, it’s about eight minutes long and has so many layers to it, we normally try, in every song we write to put in only the instruments that are needed, after that we strip down even further and get to the core necessities. We had a hard time doing that with “Enough to say,” we put in a gong, pots and pans and glasses, the poor mixer when he got it he was like “is this a joke?” on the same note it is probably my favorite song on the album and my favorite one to play live.

GG: Why “Night Vision” what is special about that, do you guys have super hero powers?

Wayne: We try not to tell people about it because then they would always want to interview us about are secrete powers. It would become less about the music.

Dan: haha while Wayne is a real insomniac like 11 days with out sleeping heʼs legit.

Wayne: So we like writing at night because we feel the most isolated. When everyone is asleep there is a solitude to that.

Dan – Most people go out at night and have lives we actually don’t, were kinda losers and stay in. Friday night is my best night to write!

Then a joke comes up of Wayne’s neighbor being a hermit and Dan asks really and we all laugh because Dan believes anything Wayne says apparently.

GG: On tour in that beat up beautiful truck! YAY! So far what is the best thing on tour? the B part of that question is what is the worst thing about tour.?

DAN: The best part is waking up in a new city and meeting new people and seeing the world and oh man, that is such a cliche right when that came out of my mouth, Ha Ha really we do love playing live shows connecting with the audience, that is what this is always about for us, its always been about the live music. The worst part about touring (and then I point at Wayne and mouth the word snorer? he scoffs at me immediately and sayʼs nope)

Dan: hahah no Wayne sleeps with an eye mask ear plugs and a white noise machine if he can get it. The worst part of tour is just being away from your core group of friends or your family, when your gone for so long when you come home your like wow I actually have a life. Every time I come home there is a new restaurant open or a new Walmart open that I have never seen before in my home town, when did this happen?

Wayne: People don’t even recognize you because you get so grizzled on the road.

Dan: hahah i cant even grow a beard. This is a year in the making! It is a good neck beard.

GG: Having a song as a coming up feature on Glee is pretty exciting! How did that feel/happen?

Dan: We want to get our music out as much as possible and Glee was a great opportunity to hit an audience that wouldnʼt normally listen to our music. Our goal as an artist is to reach as many people possible and Wayne actually the other day was sitting in the Theater an saw a preview. He said that was the moment he sunk in his chair, you would think he would be like yeaaaaaa but instead he is looking more at the people next to him figuring out do they like it…..? We are grateful is the way to put it.

Wayne: They threw popcorn at the screen and lifted up their chairs and thew them yelling this song is terrible..

After a good laugh and watching Wayne pantomime movie goers, we continue you with the interview….

GG: Who is the jokester that makes it hard to rehearse music?

Dan: I think all of us probably think we are the jokester or the funniest when in truth were not really funny. Ben is probably the funniest maybe…he is very witty, he was the home coming king and he is a gourmet chef, he is the most exciting. We laugh a lot together in the studio but we are very self critical and it is rehearse rehearse rehearse. I think the first time we were really proud of something we have done is “Night Visions.”

GG: What is the best thing a fan has done to inspire you or to get your attention?

Dan: Every city brings something new, lately its been more creative, its always cool to have fans that are great artists that come to shows with pictures drawn of us, sometimes you see the pictures and your like aw man I look like that. We have been very impressed by our fans artistic abilities we have had videoʼs where we ask them to submit things, fan competing to do our tour posters.

GG: thats great its interactive!

Dan: We stay after shows sign everything take photos we love our fans

Wayne: we have signed some arms that has turned into tattoos so now we make sure were giving a good signature, (jokes) there is a lot of pressure.

GG: What our your famous last words?

The boys put there heads together by my mic and decided they would improvise……

Wayne : Make sure to get your vitamins
Dan: Make sure to get your vinyl’s.

Wayne: your vinylʼs? no make sure to take your vitamins
Dan: and buy your vinylʼs

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