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Best Songs of 2014


A Love That's Sound [ALTS] is an music column covering alternative music. Rock, folk, Psych or Experimental: anything that turns on the mind of the listener.

A Love That’s Sound would like to introduce itself:

A Love That’s Sound [ALTS]  will be a weekly column on ConcertAddicts specializing in Alternative, Psychedelic & Experimental Music. Featuring album reviews, interviews, curated playlists  original featuresALTS will be geared towards alternative music wherever it may be found.

ALTS is written and curated by ConcertAddicts writer David Lacroix. Let’s get started with a playlist of some of ALTS’ favourite songs released over the last year. Turn on the sound!



the Pink Mountaintops – “the Second Summer of Love”
Elephant Stone – “Knock You From Yer Mountain”
Guy Blakeslee – “Haunted City”
Foxygen – “How Can You Really”
Deerhoof – “Paradise Girls”
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – “Lariat”
the War on Drugs – “An Ocean Between the Waves”
Quilt – “Artic Shark”
the Black Lips – “Smiling”
Mystic Braves – “Desert Island”
Pixies – “Magdalena”
the Black Angels – “The Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street”
the Brian Jonestown Massacre – “What You Isn’t”
Doug Tuttle – “Turn This Love”
Blonde Redhead – “Lady M”
TV On the Radio – “Happy Idiot”
Allah-Lahs – “Artifact”
Temples – “Shelter Song”
Goat – “Gathering of Ancient Tribes”
Magic Castles – “Rebecca’s World”

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