How To Escape For A Minute

I keep finding myself stuck in a world of decisions. Questions about every little thing are constantly bombarding me. As such it is always nice to find a way to disconnect from the monotony of the day-to-day, and just soak yourself in some form of effortless entertainment.

Now, for me, concerts are the most common form of easy release. I can walk into a show and within seconds I can just let go. But I want to take a second and talk about some other fun pass times that have started peaking my interest.

For one we have surfing the net, which is super addictive. My favorite site would be Reddit.com. It is a place that I can just run away to for any amount of time, and get lost in the pages. I will openly admit, sometimes I go to Reddit for what I think will be a few minutes of laughter, only to find that I have spent a good part of an entire evening dredging through pages and laughing in hysterics, all while being by myself.

Next up we have the lovely world of online gaming, and I am not talking about World of Warcraft, I am talking about gambling, over the internet for real money. What could be more fun that passing your time, at a casino, except you are in the comfort of your own chair. Places like Castle Jackpot, offer up a variety of fun and exciting games, to suit every need. I find myself clicking over more often, because the winning just seems so easy.

Lastly we have television, the good old boob tube. But I won’t limit it to just television, let’s just say anything you can watch on a television, like movies, or Youtube, or stuff like Netflix. These are the ultimate in easy escape. You don’t have to stand, you don’t have to click with your finger, you don’t have to think, you just look and let the magic box entertain you. It has been, and will always be the most time-consuming device ever invented.

Well there you have it folks, these are the most easy ways to escape. Just a little rant about things that take me away.

Now back to Reddit.

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