How Life Changes As You Age


I have had a one thing circle around my brain over the last while. I noticed that I am getting older.

Not just older, but more mature and more responsible. These are things that would seemingly just occur with age, but I look around at my peers of the same age group and many are still just as immature and irresponsible as ever.

It started out as little changes over the last few years.

Lets start with clothing.

I used to love going out for the night in my black and white Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops, some day-old jeans and whatever t-shirt I could grab from the pile. Then I started to notice I wasn’t comfortable in my Chucks, they offered no arch support. That’s right I just said arch support. So I switched to a pair of Clarks Desert Boots. They cost a little more, but they offered more comfort and a greater level of style. I traded out the rough-looking jeans for a pair of tan Chinos, and the t-shirt for something in a solid color, with buttons. I found great resources like this male fashion advise forum – link.

What does all this mean? Well for me it meant a change in style and frankly a change in the class of character I was portraying. I felt almost like an adult. I could walk into a room and feel like I was taken seriously. I felt mature.

Now lets move on to dinner out.

I used to love going to a restaurant and ordering whatever burger on the menu had the most internal accoutrements. A burger with bacon, cheese, and some random other non-standard burger meat, would win out over the rest. As a side it was always fries, because it is really hard to have one without the other. I would tear into that meal like a ravenous animal, leaving only a saucy face as evidence of its existence. But then I started to look at the menu and see things like cedar-plank-smoked salmon or beef bourguignon. This type of meal has depth and rich flavors that play off the palate. Each bite could be savored and the meal itself deserved a slow consumption so you could enjoy it. One of my favorite places to go now is Absinthe Bistro, check their menu out here. I am ordering man food, and no longer ordering boy food.

Finally lets look at refreshing beverages.

I used to go out and order a pitcher of whatever beer was cheapest on the menu. The plastic pitcher would come out, and we would fill our sleeves. We would choke down the beer, playing all sorts of drinking game, to help take our minds off how bad the taste was. This was an approach of volume over substance. Then one day I started to notice the spirits section of the menu. The various types of rums, whiskeys and tequilas would jump out at me with their intricately written descriptions. I started to refine my taste and ended up having a few drinks of choice. Be it two fingers of Hennessy with a fresh-cut lime, or a short glass of Maestro Dobel Tequila on the rocks. I now had a standard order, I was now a man. I found a great recipe book for Maestro Dobel Tequila, its worth checking out.

So now with all this in mind, I start looking at myself and thinking when did it happen. When did I become a grown up. The answer is, it just happened with time.

With the winter holidays approaching I have some planning to do. I have parties to go to. So I have ventured out and started to share this newest me with my peers.

I thought I would share some of the things I love, in hopes that you too may love them.

  • Chinos from the Gap – link
  • Clarks Desert Boots – link
  • Absinthe Bistro on Commercial – link
  • Maestro Dobel Tequila – link

I hope I get some feedback, I would love to hear if I am the only one that has suddenly found themselves all grown-up.

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