Do You Want to Launch a Career in IT? Go for CompTIA A+ Certification!

Do You Want to Launch a Career in IT? Go for CompTIA A+ Certification!

Computer science has quickly become very popular and that is why so many people are trying to build their careers in this area. If you want to get a position in the IT industry, you need to make sure that you have some relevant skills because this field is all about specific expertise. The companies tend to hire only those individuals who have more knowledge in a particular realm. It is also a plus for you because nowadays learning new skills is not as hard as it used to be. Now, you can do almost everything online and that is why we recommended that you go for an IT credential.

There are a lot of certification vendors that you can find right now but you don’t just want to choose the first one you see. We recommend that you pay your attention to CompTIA. It is among the top providers that you can trust and it offers some of the best IT certificates. The most popular one that you can find at the moment is none other than A+. If you want to earn it, you will need to first make sure that you ace two exams:

  • Core 1: 220-1001;
  • Core 2: 220-1002.

But what other information should you know before running for the exam registration? Let’s find out!

About CompTIA A+ Exams

CompTIA A+ is one of the most popular certificates that the company has to offer. So, if you want to get certified and don’t know where to start, you should certainly take a look at this credential. As we already mentioned, to earn it, you need to take two exams. Each test consists of 90 questions and lasts 90 minutes. This means that you don’t have a lot of time to think about the answer and you need to quickly cruise through all the questions. That is why we recommend that you consider answering the easiest questions first to be done with them faster. Also, please note that the exams can include the questions of different types, such as performance-based, multiple choice, and/or drag and drop.

The passing score for the CompTIA 220-1001 exam is 675/900 and the topics included in this test are as follows:

  • Networking;
  • Hardware;
  • Network and Hardware Troubleshooting;
  • Mobile Devices;
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

The passing score for the CompTIA 220-1002 exam, on the other hand, is 700/900 and the covered objectives are as follows:

In addition, you need to know that the languages available for these tests include Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Thai, and Japanese. The fee is $226 for each exam, and the registration process is possible with Pearson VUE.

About CompTIA A+ Certification

Just like most IT credentials out there, CompTIA A+ is not for everyone. In fact, this certificate is mainly intended for those individuals who are trying to land the technical support or IT operational job roles. This certification is more about PC repair and that is why anyone who is thinking about going for it should know computer architecture and should be able to do configuration and installation. The candidates who take the exams should also be good at managing hardware and software. Once you explore their topics, many new opportunities will open up for you and you can apply for different job titles, such as an IT support administrator, a data support technician, a service desk analyst, and more.

About Career Opportunities

Having the CompTIA A+ certification on your resume can actually be great for your career as it will open many new doors for you. Once you obtain this sought-after credential, you will get many new perks, one of which is a higher salary. It is estimated that the holders of the A+ certificate can earn up to $58,000 a year. You should understand that this certification can provide you with numerous positions in the industry, moreover, almost every other company out there is looking for the IT professionals who can ensure the smooth operation of the entire organization.

In most cases, the companies prefer the certified specialists over the non-certified ones. The first group of professionals has a confirmation of their skills, which shows that they are able to cope with the possible stress, as well as set goals. The employers will trust their knowledge and expect that they will have a solution to any IT-related problem they encounter. If you are an IT expert, you should seriously consider getting the CompTIA A+ badge, because it may make some much-needed changes to your career.


These were some of the main things that you should know about the CompTIA A+ certification. Earning it is not going to be easy, so you need to be ready to make a lot of effort. A+ is one of the most popular credentials that CompTIA has to offer. So, if you are still looking for a certificate to obtain, you should consider going for this one. Once you get it, your life will change in many ways. You’ll enjoy a lot of benefits that will help you take your career to new heights.

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