Use CompTIA Network+ Certification to Get Higher Paid Job as System Engineer

Use CompTIA Network+ Certification to Get Higher Paid Job as System Engineer

The CompTIA Network+ certification is one of the most popular accreditations for many IT specialists. In most cases, it is straight that many candidates pursue it to increase their chances to work in an international company as a system engineer. While other CompTIA credentials are adequate for a fresh graduate, the Network+ certification is suitable for a more trained audience. Eligible candidates for earning this badge should demonstrate at least 9 months of practical experience in IT and are recommended to possess the CompTIA A+.

Do you want to learn more about the job of a system engineer? Keep reading this article and discover how the Network+ certification can increase your chances to get accepted for this job.

CompTIA Network+ Credential Gives You Access to Different Jobs

Many exam-takers mistakenly think that the only job they can get with their Network+ credential is the one of a system engineer. Even though this is one of the most popular position among test-passers, you can submit your resume for many other job roles. Take a look at the list below and decide which one you will use to strengthen your career:

  • Junior Network Administrator or System Engineer;
  • Network Field Technician or Engineer;
  • IS Consultant;
  • Computer Technician;
  • Help Desk Technician;
  • Network Support Specialist or Analyst.

Each of the above jobs has certain particularities. During your training for the CompTIA Network+ credential, you will develop strong skills that will form the foundation for your future career in IT. When you start studying for the Network+ related exam with the code N10-007, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the following topics:

  • A better understanding of important security concepts that will ease the cooperation between security practitioners and networking professionals;
  • Developing best practices in managing cloud computing features and make efficient use of different service models;
  • Staying updated with the latest hardware concepts and virtualization techniques;
  • Learning how to keep network resiliency by combining different concepts.

All these skills will help you become a skillful system engineer and quickly understand new concepts. You will discover in the paragraphs below what a system engineer does on a daily basis and what his/her yearly income is.

Daily Activities of a System Engineer

A system engineer is a skilled specialist who manages to combine technical abilities with soft skills. He/she has the duty to keep security systems under control and ensure they are working properly. This employee is also responsible for all the company’s security and IT infrastructure and should take care that all systems and applications are working properly. Whenever a security breach appears or a system breaks down, the system engineer should find immediate solutions and implement backup protocols to ensure business continuity.

Besides, the system engineer is responsible for drafting security policies and make sure that everyone is respecting the guidelines. So, his/her job description will include shaping standard operating procedures and training the key stakeholders on how to identify any issues in the company’s hardware and software and report them immediately. In addition, the system engineer is at the top management’s disposal for support and troubleshooting whenever something comes up. This specialist is in charge of performing constant monitoring of the most important systems and ensuring that users have the right access to them.

While the CompTIA Network+ accreditation is important, the specialist working in this position should also have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to information technology. Also, you can increase your chances to get a higher salary if you get a master’s degree in a similar domain. By adding different certifications to your resume, you will become a valuable candidate for any international company, and recruiters will headhunt you to offer their best positions.

Annual Salary of a System Engineer

A system engineer can earn around $79,835 in one year as claims. The minimum salary that a less-experienced system engineer can earn is $57k, while a skilled and certified expert can obtain up to $123k. By adding new badges that demonstrate your skills in IT security and network, you will increase your chances to get closer to the higher limit of the interval. This job can be found in different industries. For example, you can work for Raytheon Co., Northrop Grumman Corporation, or the Boeing Company. These companies offer some of the biggest annual payments on the market. For instance, if you decide to work for the Boeing Company, you can earn up to $85k in one year. On the other hand, Lockheed Martin Corp offers the lowest salary at the moment. Their offer for an annual salary is about $73,481.

Are You Curious to Know How to Obtain CompTIA Network+ Certification?

As we already mentioned, the only test that you need to pass to get your Network+ credential is N10-007. This exam includes 90 questions of different types that you need to complete within 90 minutes. You will earn this accreditation if you obtain at least 720 points out of 900. Also, you shouldn’t forget about the registration fee. You will have to pay $329 to enroll in the CompTIA N10-007 test.

As this is not an easy assessment, you will have to study hard to get the passing score. You can check the CompTIA website for different training resources that will help you develop the necessary skills. For example, you can enroll in instructor-led training or watch the recorded videos available on the vendor’s test page. Remember that each preparation resource helps you gain more knowledge on the exam topics and helps you increase your chances to do your test brilliantly.


The CompTIA Network+ certification is your winning ticket for a successful career as a system engineer. The rewarding activity and attractive salary will keep you motivated to study for your CompTIA N10-007 exam and pass it with flying colors. The training resources available on the vendor’s website are extremely useful to help you obtain the passing score from the first try. All the best!

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