A Night Of Coleman Hell + A Chat

Coleman Hell @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre - April 11th 2016

On Tuesday night I went down to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver to watch Thunder Bay, Ontario native Coleman Hell during his opening slot for Twenty One Pilots.

My range of knowledge on Coleman was very limited at the time.

I had been aware of his hit song 2 Heads, but that was about it.

He took the stage under a wash of red and yellow lights, and he didn’t hold back at all.

Mr. Hell felt very genuine during is performance, dancing about with a big smile on his face as he powered out the lyrics to his songs.

Coleman Hell @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre - April 11th 2016

Coleman Hell @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – April 11th 2016

Looking out across the audience, I could see a good amount of them were singing along to a number of songs. That was really inspiring to see. Twenty One Pilots have famously dedicated fans, and to see some of them were very well versed in the music of this Canadian opener was refreshing.

Coleman is not new to music, but he is new to Columbia Records, having signed with them back in early 2015. Since then 2 Heads has been everywhere, though that success is more likely due to the catchy hooks of the song.

I went into the show with little knowledge of the music, but left with a true appreciation for what he is capable of. He worked the stage with a feverish level of spastic dance moves, and at one point even stepped down to the crowd and stood with them as he belted out his lyrics. It was truly fun, and he looked like he was honestly enjoying himself. That type of performer is always a crowd pleaser.

With a large label behind him and an ample amount of talent the skies the limit for this young man.

A couple days after the show, I caught up with Coleman and had a nice little chat over the phone.

Take a listen to it right here:

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