Missy Suicide Talks About The Blackheart Burlesque Tour

We were lucky enough to get Missy Suicide of the Suicide Girls to take a few minutes and talk about the current Blackheart Burlesque tour.

  1. How does one become a suicide girl?

    Missy Suicide: The process begins with filling out an application at After you upload your IDs and the required forms, you shoot and submit your first photoset! If your photos do well and we think you’re a good fit for the site, we feature you as Set of the Day and you become a SuicideGirl!

  2. This tour took a brief hiatus for a few years, was there any reasoning behind that?

    Missy Suicide:Taking a group of girls on the road is so much work! We learned a lot from our first tour, and we hadn’t really planned to stay on the road forever. It wasn’t until quite a few years later that we decided we could come up with an even better iteration of the Blackheart Burlesque!

  3. The striptease performances are said to poke fun of various pop-culture subjects, ie Star Wars, can you speak a little bit about that?

    Missy Suicide:>So many of our girls have these great, geeky interests, myself included, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to incorporate those into the numbers. I mean, who doesn’t want to see sexy Storm Troopers? Some themes just click and are so perfect, like the Star Wars and Zelda numbers. Others took some work to find the right song and work out the choreography, like our Game of Thrones routine. And sometimes there’s an idea I love, but it just won’t translate well – I don’t think we can figure out a away to turn the Serial podcast into a dance, for example, haha!

  4. Do the performances include any audience participation or audience interaction?

    Missy Suicide:There are a couple of points where the girls pull audience members on stage, yes! There have been some hilarious and incredibly talented people pulled up, so it’s a memorable experience for everyone.

  5. In previous years of the tour, there were dates slotted at some pretty amazing music festivals and even some opening slots for the Guns n’ Roses tour in 2006. Are there any plans to do something similar on this current outing?

    Missy Suicide:We don’t have anything like that planned for this leg of the tour, but you never know what we have in store for the future! 🙂

  6. Have there been any trials or tribulations on the current outing?

    Missy Suicide:Fortunately everything has been going great so far! The girls have said it’s a little chilly in most places, but every city has been really welcoming. The fans are so enthusiastic and fun, and the girls are having a great time!

  7. Have there been any embarrassing moments on stage?

    Missy Suicide:There have been times that the girls missed a step, got tangled in a piece of her costume, and once one of the girls even kicked another girl in the face accidentally! But the ladies are all such professionals that they keep dancing through it, and the audience never even knows anything went wrong. Isn’t that amazing?

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