The Nearly Deads – “Revenge Of The Nearly Deads”

The Nearly Deads are a rock band that formed in 2010 out of the musical city of Nashville, Tennessee. The current members of the group are: Theresa Jeane (lead singer & keys), Steven Tobi (lead guitar), Kevin Koelsch (bass), Javier Garza Jr (rhythm), Josh Perrone (drums). Their fan base is called zombies and after hearing this EP from the group you will soon be converted over to one too! Settle your human body down because the flesh is about to disappear and you will soon be one of us as you rock your way through Revenge of the Nearly Deads a three-year absence of new music in the making.

Kicking off Revenge of the Nearly Deads EP is Diamond In The Rough. After opening with a gnarly guitar riff the song transitions to lead singer Theresa Jeane singing a story of leaving someone who was younger than her because they would “never rest and we’re never pleased”. Although saddening it is definitely a relatable life experience that some of us have gone through. My Evil Ways is next up on the EP which allows the listener to focus more on the main character who has no plans to settle down nor change their habits as they express in this song: “I feel like I’m finally home” as if to say they are finally in a place of familiarity and comfort. The instrumentals become more prominent in this song as it picks up the pace while still sailing smoothly onto the next song. Song number three off the EP titled You’re Not Listening seems to tie back to the perpetrator in the first song as Jeane sings “You’re not listening to me anyway.You like to sing along like it’s your favorite song.” Which appears that the person is not listening to what she has to say, but goes along as if they’re on the same page. The guitars, bass, and drums get a nice solo on this track which makes it more unique and gives it a good rock sound. Following up with This Is My Revenge as listeners we continue to see the victimized character grow into her shoes and call out the other partner for making themselves out to be something that they were not. Jeane sings in the song “I should’ve known you all along, I should’ve figured you out” as well as “This is my’re not so innocent.” Creeping in softly comes Frequencies. Feeling a little eerie, and a little out of place a few rounds of this song settles in just nicely. This Evanescence sounding track creates its own set of frequency waves as Jeane sings “Running out of minutes in the day, desperate for a soul facing away, I’m calling out “Is everything okay?” ‘Cause all I hear are echoes in this place.” We are taken into the mind of this victim in the relationship as she calls out to her partner to try to make a break in this wall that is not so clear and it seems that the echoes are a lack of response in response to her failed attempts. Closing out the chapter to this saddened hearts attempt at a failed relationship is As Good As It Gets which simply put (and not to state the obvious) is about asking if this relationship was as good as it gets and pondering what other life decisions could have been prevented by her saying yes.

Overall The Nearly Deads EP is a true rock album about a heartbreak and downfall of a relationship. I enjoyed the tracks My Evil Ways and You’re Not Listening for its kick-ass, in your face rock. But I also found the last two tracks Frequencies and As Good As It Gets enjoyable for it’s softer tracks that were still able to stay with the rock roots and theme of the EP. Concert Addicts rating 8/10.

What would you like our readers to know about The Nearly Deads?

TJ: For anyone who hasn’t heard of us before, make sure you check out our videos on YouTube. We have over 8 Million views on our channel, and we love to have fun with our videos. You’ll see a lot of horror and pop-culture references in our videos so you can binge watch all day!

Shortly after leaving Standby Records around 2014 as a group you’ve had a successful Kickstarter to fund your album Invisible Tonight. How did that make you feel, that fans raised $13,006 to hear more of the music that you were dying to release?

TJ: It made us feel incredibly humbled. Our fans are simply amazing, and we owe everything to them. Being independent means that we pay for each and every little thing we produce, from artwork to production to guitar strings. Without their support and patience after going through what we’ve been through, we might not have been able to keep going. We were blown away by the response and we are so grateful for our zombies!

What caused a four-year gap in between releasing new music?

TJ: Wow when you say it like that it sounds like forever! After Invisible Tonight we took it day by day and really focused on touring for a while. If you were a backer of the PledgeMusic campaign for Revenge of The Nearly Deads, you know that we actually had most of it ready to be released quite a bit sooner than when it actually dropped. That’s the way it can be for independents. We tried to be as transparent with our fans as possible, thanking them for their patience along the way. When you pay for your own advertising and promotion, all of a sudden things can get pushed back by weeks or even months if you don’t plan it strategically. We tried to keep fans satisfied along the way by releasing My Evil Ways and Diamond in the Rough early, and now that the EP has been out people are already begging for more!

An interview with Theresa Jeane

Can you share some of the obstacles and successes that you’ve had as a band since deciding to be unsigned?

TJ: To be honest with you, there are several people involved with the music industry we’ve met who don’t even think labels are necessary anymore. To an extent that’s true, and it’s emboldened us to continue on this journey. There is so much you can do for yourself, and if you wait around for a label to find you, you’ll be waiting forever. The biggest obstacle for me has been learning the business side of things when all I really want to do is focus on the music. On the plus side, we have all the creative freedom in the world, which means we can cater only to the people that matter – our fans – and not the industry.

What advice would you give other bands who are debating between signing with a label and being independent?

TJ: My advice would be to do it for yourself as long as possible. Focus on building your fan base and perfecting your songs. The music industry changes so fast that no one really has the key to success anymore, and it seems to me that some labels try to sign as many bands as possible just hoping one or two might break out. The result is a roster full of bands that literally get no attention or help from the label, so why give your rights away?

When writing songs for the EP whether it be (written or instrumental) what is the hardest part of the process and how do you overcome it?

TJ: This one actually came together quite easily. We kept the songs to the bare bones before heading into the studio to allow ourselves to be open to the changes. In the end, everything turned out better than we imagined!

How was the direction chosen for this EP and did you have a feeling it was going to be as successful as it was?

TJ: As I mentioned, we are lucky enough to be able to cater directly to our fans, and it was clear to us that our heavier songs were our most popular. We dove into that idea head first, creating sing-along songs that would be fun to play live and that had messages of overcoming negativity and living your best life. Once we started hearing the final mixes come together, we knew we had something special on our hands.

When choosing which songs would make the cut for your EP was there some close calls or was it clean cut what the listeners would hear?

TJ: We choose to do an EP for both time and budget reasons. If we would have done a full length it would have either taken a lot longer to finish, or we would have had to sacrifice on song quality. There are definitely a few songs that didn’t make the cut, mainly because we wanted to stick to one ballad, so we had to choose between a few slower songs this time around.

What was your favorite song to record and/or play live from your EP and why?

TJ: I love performing Revenge. It’s just so catchy and fun, and people can really headband to it live. Lyrically, it’s the most meaningful to me. Continuing on as a band, despite all the reasons we have been held back in the past, is our ultimate revenge.

What can we expect from The Wake Dead tour and after from The Nearly Deads?

TJ: We are having so much fun on this tour and love seeing our super-fans singing along to every word of the new album. We’ll be primarily doing songs off of the Revenge EP this run, and look forward to one more tour by the end of the year!

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