Act of Defiance @ The Biltmore Cabaret – February 6th 2016

The concert was full of energy, raw metal and a lot of shredding. The music is pretty typical; extreme metal but with a lot of musicality. My impression is that Broderick and Drover wanted to play much heavier music than what they used to play with Megadeth.

The debut studio album “Birth and the Burial” is overall pretty good and I recommend you definitely give it a listen if you haven’t done so already. The lyrics and music are pretty much all Broderick and Drover.

I have been following Christ since he used to play in Nevermore and it is not a secret that this guy is a guitar master and Shawn, sitting back on his drums with his metal grooves, just killed it as usual. I am glad I had the opportunity of shooting this event because I knew they were not going to disappoint at all.

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