Allan Rayman @ The Rio Theatre – March 22nd 2017

Allan Rayman @ The Rio Theatre - March 22nd 2017

When I heard that Allan Rayman was coming to town I was so excited.

His song “Graceland” has been finding room in my playlists for the past year.

His hyper-emotive, truly unique vocal styling just drew me in and converted me into an immediate fan.

The show in Vancouver was sold out.

I walked around the small theater and watched the crowd as they filled it to capacity.

The patrons were a pretty consistent demographic; 30-somethings with a stylish edge and a love for traveling in groups.

Allan took the stage with a wine bottle in his hand and took control of the crowd within a few short seconds.

Soon his powerful vocals filled the air and the audience was in awe.

The lighting left something to be desired and as such my photos reflected that. I shot at a higher ISO than I usually do but the photos still came out pretty clear.

Great set, I can’t wait to see more from Mr. Rayman.

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