Amanda Palmer #ninjaTED @ The Vogue Theatre - April 11th 2018
Amanda Palmer #ninjaTED @ The Vogue Theatre - April 11th 2018

Photo Gallery: Amanda Palmer’s #ninjaTED @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – April 11th 2018

Wednesday night, American singer-songwriter Amanda Fucking Palmer brought her #ninjaTED event to The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

The event has become an annual gathering to raise money for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. The evening is an offshoot of the annnual TED x Vancouver, though there is no official affiliation betwen the two events.

This years festivities brought a bevy of speakers and musicians. In no particular order, we saw:

The event started just after seven-thirty with The Carnival Band playing at the front doors for the eager attendees waiting in the rain for the doors to open.

The band carried the festivities into the venue, taking the stage and keeping people entertained as they found there seats.

Amanda Palmer then kicked things off, introducing each special guest as they presented varied content to the house.

There was dancing and laughter and inspirational moments.

At one point, Joseph Gordon-levitt and Neil Gaiman read for opposing characters from a Sandman story as Lili Haydn and Jaron Lanier laid an etheral and drama-building musical ladnscape behind them. It was a fantastic moment for those in attendance.

The culmination of the evening was the auctioning off of a custom-made Ukelele signed by the all the presenters, which a lucky and deep-pocketed audience member acquired for a mere five thousand dollars. All of which went to the Food Bank.

The night was a success.

It was an inspiring, intimate, and beautiful evening for a great cause by generous people surrounded by a warm hearted, wide-eyed patrons.

Until next year.

Video feed from the event:

Poster for the event:

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography