Arkells @ Rogers Place – January 31st 2019

Canadian rock band Arkells kicked off their highly anticipated Rally Cry tour at Rogers Place on Thursday night. The band’s energy had the crowd buzzing as soon as they stepped out on stage, bursting into their upbeat song “Relentless.” Lead vocalist Max Kerman took a moment to mention 3 rules to follow at an Arkells show: “1. You gotta sing, 2. You gotta dance, and 3. You gotta look out for each other.” Now those are some fun rules to follow!

Set List: 

  1. Relentless
  2. Leather Jacket
  3. Michigan Left
  4. Never Thought That This Would Happen
  5. Show Me Don’t Tell Me
  6. No Champagne Socialist / Oh, the Boss Is Coming!
  7. Eyes on the Prize
  8. American Screams
  9. People’s Champ
  10. Kiss Cam
  11. Only for a Moment
  12. Come to Light
  13. And Then Some
  14. Come Back Home
  15. 11:11
  16. Saturday Night
  17. Whistleblower
  18. Knocking at the Door
  19. Private School
  20. Hand Me Downs
  21. Dancing Queen (ABBA cover)
  22. My Heart’s Always Yours


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