August Burns Red + Born Of Osiris + Erra @ The Vogue Theatre – January 19th 2018

August Burns Red + Born Of Osiris + Erra at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver BC on January 19 2018

It was night of American metalcore at the Vogue Theatre with Erra opening the set. Lead singer J.T Cavey (Ex-Texas In July) danced around the stage giving an emotional set with Jesse Cash backing with clean vocals and rhythm guitar.

Born Of Osiris came on next with the stage almost fully opened up and risers put in place for both vocalists. These guys have been around for 15 years and re-recorded their most famous album ‘The New Reign’ last year and played ‘Abstract Art’, ‘Bow Down’ and ‘Empires Erased’ from it. Their mix of synth and high energy riffs got the crowd riled up.

Finally, August Burns Red played their first ever headline show in Vancouver with all their might. Vocalist Jake Luhrs had an amazing stage presence with his low growls and signature microphone helicopter-style spin. Lead guitarist JB Brubaker laid down the techincal solos and surfer style grooves. August Burns Red also have one of the most powerful drummers in the game, Matt Greiner, who closed the set just before ‘Closure’ with an intense 5 minute drum solo.

August Burns Red setlist:

  1. King of Sorrow
  2. Empire
  3. Spirit Breaker
  4. Identity
  5. Ghosts
  6. Hero of the Half Truth
  7. Invisible Enemy
  8. Provision
  9. Beauty in Tradegy
  10. Marianas Trench
  11. Float
  12. White Washed
  13. *Drum solo*
  14. Dangerous
  15. Composure

Photos © Lukas Holt of Holt Productions

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