BTBAM @ The Observatory © Jen Reightley
© Jen Reightley

Photo Gallery: Between The Buried And Me + Animals As Leaders + The Contortionist @ The Observatory – July 21, 2015

Okay, first thing’s first: the lighting was amazing. Huge thanks to the incredibly talented lighting guy(s) during all three bands… I can very much appreciate a visually beautiful set. The Observatory was completely sold out and there was not one aspect about this show that was disappointing. I came in during The Contortionist’s set and the room was already packed…not that I’m complaining though, well okay I would‘ve liked to see their whole set but I can‘t time travel…yet. And definitely no offense to any local openers, but it was really nice seeing a cohesive show with three amazing bands that got right down to the business of blowing our minds. The Contortionist took our already sweat laden bodies and progressively melded us into a state of relaxation. Okay, that could’ve just been me but I’m going to assume most of the room felt the same. Animals As Leaders smoothly transitioned us from Earth to beyond the sixteen strings they had with them. And as we were all feeling relatively lighter, Between The Buried And Me brought us back down through the heavy underworld of their new album Coma Ecliptic as well as other amazing titles. Thank you, BTBAM for the amazing show, as well as the wonderful cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.