Big Wreck @ Commodore Ballroom – January 27th 2017

I’ve been shooting concerts for 18 years, but Big Wreck was one band that had, til now, eluded me. Of course, it doesn’t help that for the majority of that time, they weren’t actually a band – I got into this stuff not long before they parted ways in the early 00’s. Anyhow, it was awesome to strike them off the list finally. I was in attendance on sold-out night one of a two-night run at the Commodore, full of fans old and new. The band also played tunes from over the years to satisfy said fan base. They were lively on stage, though became plagued with technical problems (“the ghost in the machine,” as singer Ian Thornley put it) to the point that, half way through the set, Thornley tore his ear monitors out, draped them over his mic stand, and went on an undoubtedly-frustrated, but light-hearted sweary rampage about how it was probably his ex-wife messing with the monitors and this is called ‘flying blind’ and how the Youtubers in the crowd will have a field day if he hits the wrong note because he can’t hear himself and how the crowd should sing back at him to correct him if his pitch goes off the rails. While there might have been a few hiccups after this happened, they played with such vigour, it wasn’t anything to detract from the whole deal. They truly made us wait for an encore – I was starting to wonder if, considering the issues, they were even going to bother. But, after everyone sidestage and the band left and scurried upstairs for a few minutes, they came back down and played a truncated encore, consisting only of “The Oaf” before bidding us farewell. Great, energetic, legit talented bunch of folks to go and see. Go check them out – you’ll have a good night, I promise.

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