Bishop Briggs + Youngblood @ The Commodore Ballroom – April 27th 2018

Photo of Bishop Briggs performing at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on April 27th 2018

On Friday night, British singer Sarah Grace McLaughlin, a.k.a Bishop Briggs, played to a sold-out Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

Last-minute replacements Youngblood started the night off with an endearing yet dramatic set that had the entire venue completely enthralled. The pop-rock outfit is a local Vancouver band that has been blowing up as of late. This was my first opportunity to experience them live and I was captivated by their performance, whisked away by their music, and wooed by their front person Alexis Youngblood. A great little group putting out solid music.

Bishop Briggs + Little Destroyer @ The Commodore Ballroom - April 27th 2018

Bishop came out once the audience was pre-heated and delved into her decisively dominant delivery.

She started the night with “White Flag“, a track from her debut album studio album Church of Scars which was released only a week earlier. Briggs danced around the stage with explosive movements, surrounded by the flashing of intense strobe lights.

From the very beginning, she sported a grin on her face. The from-across-the-pond singer looked elated, her eyes widened as she rolled into the second song. The musician knelt down at the front of the stage and told everyone how overwhelmed she was; how happy she was to be playing to a sold-out venue and to have so many people know the words to her songs. It was a sincere moment that humanized the rising pop star. It just felt genuine, and immediately endeared her into the hearts of those in attendance.

Bishop Briggs + Little Destroyer @ The Commodore Ballroom - April 27th 2018

The set continued on, she slipped into on “The Way I Do” from her 2016 eponymous EP. The already excited crowd turned it up to eleven. The entire venue grew into a single unified dance party. You could feel the flexing of the floor beneath your feet. Briggs continued her athletic leaps around the stage front, the bright fast-moving lights illuminating her from behind. Her signature tightly-formed double buns causing her silhouette to look something like a real-life Mickey Mouse.

I was locked on to her display.

She is a unique performer, and it stirs up this contagious energy that ignites her fans.

I found myself participating, like the majority of the other attendees. She lead us through something special; an intimate and heartfelt night of emotions and release and humanity.

I want to thank Bishop Briggs and Little Destroyer for a memorable night out.

Hopefully, Briggs comes back to town soon, we miss her already.

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography

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