Black Pistol Fire + Cobi @ The Biltmore Cabaret – November 23rd 2017

Black Pistol Fire at The Biltmore Cabaret in vancouver, BC on November 23rd 2017

I have been listening to Black Pistol Fire for about six months or so.

I found them on one of those artists-that-sound-similar-to searches. I think I was looking for bands that sounded like The Black Keys or maybe it was Jack White, I can’t remember.

After finding them, I just listened to everything they had to offer on Spotify. Sometimes I would listen to only them for the entire day. I was hooked.

Their set at the Biltmore was beautiful. Powerful and impassioned and sweaty and gritty and raw and connected. The finale of the night saw Kevin McKeown, the lead singer/guitarist, climb on to the outstretched hands of the crowd while ripping on his guitar. It was a pretty special moment.

Opener, Cobi, was great too. The lead singer, Cobi, has this smooth, grandiose voice that shakes your soul. He highlights that with his ability on the guitar, which he shreds effortlessly while his face contorts to each willed note.

Photos © Jamie Taylor \\ Cryptic Photography

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