Photo Gallery: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + Night Beats @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – February 19th 2018

It was a sold-out show at the Commodore Ballroom on Monday night. The barrier had been taken away, letting the crowd go right up to the stage for an intimate performance.

Seattle based psychedelic rockers Night Beats came on with dark moody lighting with James Traeger pounding the drums. The three members gave an energetic set featuring solos from guitarist and lead singer Danny Lee Blackwell along with hyperactive bassist Jakob Bowden.

The San Fransisco noise rock legends Black Rebel Motorcycle Club took to the stage opening with “Spook” from their newest album ‘Wrong Creatures’. The band consists of two vocalists Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been, both also playing several different instruments such as guitars, bass, harmonica, synthesisers and piano. Rounding off the trio is drummer Leah Shapiro who also provides the backing vocals. With all these elements mixed together they produce a booming and gritty sound that had the whole venue swaying and singing along.

Photos © Lukas Holt // Holt Productions

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