Blackie And The Rodeo Kings @ Commodore – March 10th 2017

A cozy, fun night had by all as Blackie And The Rodeo Kings brought their Kings and Kings tour through Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom. The evening was punctuated by special on-stage guests, including prolific producer/songwriter Ben Mink on various instruments, father-&-son team of Barney and Dustin Bentall (who sang a song the two of them co-wrote and recorded recently for the first time on stage together) and BARK member Tom Wilson’s son (and the evening’s opening act) Thompson Wilson, all of whom participated in a kitchen-party singalong clustered into a little clump around a mic in the middle of the stage. There were also pauses in the music for some yarns, spun primarily by dripping-with-character Tom Wilson, who told us of a couple of recent family discoveries and a horrifying experience leading to a hit in Texas when then-President George W. Bush was asked at a presser en route to Air Force One what he was listing to on his headphones. “Blackie And The Rodeo Kings!,” he replied, and the band was, as mentioned, suitably horrified. “Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?,” Wilson deadpanned with a smirk. He yanked the set list off the floor of the stage at his feet as well,  holding it up to the crowd and saying that the band drives their crew mad every night by just making it up as they go along and not paying attention to the set list laid out for them. Beyond the entertaining tales, the show was vibrant, warm, and included many very fancy jackets. The band continues their tour with one more date in Kelowna before breaking.

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