Photo Gallery: Bob Mould + Ford Pier @ Rickshaw Theatre – October 22nd 2017

Bob Mould is the co-founder of the influential hardcore punk/alternative band Hüsker Dü. Since the breakup of that band in 1988 he went on to form Sugar, and continues to enjoy a productive solo career. Tonight he performed those songs “solo electric”, and it was mesmerizing. I quickly forgot that he was up there alone; the sound was so powerful and complete. This is the first time he’s played Vancouver in almost a decade. The night took on an emotional tone towards the end of the set when Mould paid tribute to former Hüsker Dü bandmate Grant Hart who passed away only last month. He played Hart’s “Never Talking to You Again” fast and with intensity.

Opening for Bob Mould was local guitarist/songwriter/composer Ford Pier, also playing solo/electric. The audience was respectfully quiet as they took in the set, a change from the usually noisy conversations that usually accompany an opening act. In contrast to Bob Mould’s fast and loud songs, Ford played mostly slower but equally intense songs, with confessional lyrics and complex guitar work.

Bob Mould:

Ford Pier:

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