Burton Cummings @ River Rock Casino – December 31st 2016


After some confusion over photo passes and what restrictions were in place, I was taken backstage to meet the show producer.  It will be a standard ‘first three songs, no flash’ kind of shoot but the only restriction was not to shoot from down at the stage front and shoot up his nose, or from the side of the stage, and please stay out of Burton’s photographer’s way.  All shots were made using a Canon 5D mkii with a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II LS lens.

Burton Cummings is celebrating on New Year’s Eve at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, B.C.  It is also his birthday, and 70 never looked so good.  The Carpet Frogs opens with an intro riff and the crowd erupts when Burton makes his appearance onstage.  Seating himself center stage, he settles behind his keyboard, takes a quick sip and launches into “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature”.  “Albert Flasher” follows and then he plays what he has been told is Canada’s first rock’n’roll song, “Running Back to Saskatoon”.  Pure gold.

My three are up but I stay to hear a couple more and am extremely pleased to hear Burton instruct the crowd that they can take as many photos or video as they want, just don’t block anyone’s view! Stories about his childhood growing up in Winnipeg, his first band (with matching, fan made T-shirts) and insomnia in just a short time tell me that I’m missing a great show.  Maybe next time I come without the camera. Ya, right!

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