Cee Lo Green ft. Nikki’s Wives + Swagu @ Crescent Ballroom – July 25th 2016


When Cee Lo Green’s Love Train Tour Part 2 pulled into Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ, it didn’t disappoint.

There was a VIP Meet & Greet, which are always fun.

They gave out book bags with an autographed picture of Cee Lo inside and then you could get your picture with him, only with your phone though.

The opening act was Nikki’s Wives, The Toronto-based alt-pop band.

I enjoyed them, they were animated and kept everyone entertained.

After Nikki’s Wives, Cee Lo came on stage and worked up a sweat.

Screaming out, “Arizona, I’m here!”, the crowd loved it.

Halfway through his set he brought out these three guys with wild hair.

Swagu was their name and boy the energy went up another level in that place.

After Swagu got off the stage, Cee Lo entertained the audience with stories from the tour so far.

Then DJ Brandi Garcia killed it! That girl knows her music.

We were singing along to some of the best ol’ school rap & r&b.

Cee Lo finished the night doing about 10 more songs.

Everyone left out of there feeling good.

It was a great show.

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