Cheers To The Fall Tour ft. Andra Day + Chloe x Halle @ Commodore Ballroom – December 12th 2016

Andra Day @ The Commodore Ballroom - December 12th 2016

Andra Day

I was first introduced to Andra Day through her song Rise Up off her debut album, 2015’s Cheer To The Fall.

Her sultry, soulful voice sends shivers down my spine.

After nearly a year of listening to her talented voice permeate my headphones, I was finally able to see her perform. On Tuesday night she brought her Cheers To The Fall tour to the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

She walked on stage at the venue with a sweet smile on her face. She and her band dove head first into the set, starting the night with Honey Or Fire.

I was wrapped up in her vocals from the first note. They are rich and powerful, truly enchanting.

Andra Day + Chloe x Halle @ The Commodore Ballroom - December 12th 2016

As the show rolled on the onslaught of soulful songs gave me goosebumps. Looking around, everyone was enthralled by the performance. Smiles and laughter and happiness were everywhere.

Ms. Day’s on stage aesthetic was similar to that of a Hollywood star from the nineteen forties. She dawned a long draping coat layered in lustrous beads and stones which matched her satin turban. It all seemed to fit with her sound. Everything about her being is derived from something special that seemed lost. She is an old soul, reincarnating a sound and style and way of being that this world so desperately needs.

Andra Day is the truth, she is the real deal.

As long as she keeps making music, I will be there faithfully to listen.

Full setlist:

Chloe x Halle

I did not know a thing about this American R&B sister duo prior to the show. When I was standing beside the stage I overheard some concert goers talking about how the siblings had been signed to Beyoncé her management, Parkwood Entertainment, after being discovered on Youtube.

With that little information, I stood patiently and waited.

The two young musicians took the stage in similar cheongsams, with opposing colors.

They started their set and it immediately lit up the venue with life.

Andra Day + Chloe x Halle @ The Commodore Ballroom - December 12th 2016

I was completely impressed with their abilities. The vocal prowess was outstanding. They achieved these harmonious tones that rang through the air with such intensity. Their instrumental work was on point. Soon the venue was a mix of dancey beats and operatic voice work. From sweet to sultry and everything in between.

To say these two would be the next thing would be a big claim, but I can easily say they should be the next big thing.

Pouring with talent at every moment, their set was bigger than the venue, it was bigger than an opening slot. They deserve your ear and your time. It is completely obvious what Beyoncé saw in them.

I felt lucky to have seen them in such an intimate venue, so early on in their career.

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